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NYC's Underground Network, Then & Now

To many, NYC’s ‘Underground Network’ wed night party at the Sound Factory Bar with Louie Vega & Barbra Tucker was THE industry event to be at. Some would even say it was their Paradise Garage, and Louie was their Larry. There is no doubt this party was pivotal in so many house music careers and helped people forge great relationships. The UN Party was a literal who’s who of the NYC industry at that time!

Today we have the great pleasure of interviewing Don Welch, who is the co founder of the brand and he’s got a lot of good stuff coming.

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25 Years of Henry Street & Johnny D

As Henry Street turns 25, Brian Tappert caught up with Brooklyn’s own… Johnny D

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Traxsource Top 100 Artists of 2018

What a fantastic year for House Music! 2018 saw established names and brand new artists producing some of the most inspiring music that we’ve heard in years. This was an epic job presenting our end of year lists, but an absolute pleasure to re-listen to the very best releases from across 2018, with our reports representing an extremely valuable insight into how the scene will further develop in the following 12 months ahead.

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Traxsource Top 100 Vocalists of 2018

From its roots in the Discoteques of the 1970s, House music has had a great history of influential songs and vocalists! This tradition has continued to present day, actively igniting clubland. The Traxsource Top 100 Vocalists of 2018 has been a pleasure to compile, as we got to reconnect with some of the best vocal performances and productions of this year, WOW!

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Traxsource Top 100 Techno Artists of 2018

A genre that was born out of Detroit, Techno now exists as an umbrella term housing so many incredible artists, from the original Detroit legends (who are still at the forefront of the scene) to the industrial sounds of Berlin to the more electronic sounds coming out of the US.

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Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House Artists of 2018

Soulful House is where some of House music’s most well-respected producers come together with some of the very top voices in soul music to create dance floor magic. If you like your House to come with strong songs, rich instrumentation and heart-melting vocals then Traxsource’s Top 100 Soulful House Artists of 2018 is where you want to be. This year’s Top Soulful House Artists of 2018 chart features a particularly strong set of contenders in a scene that continues to grow and spread globally. In what has been another superb 12 months for the real house sound, here are the top Soulful House Artists of 2018.

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Traxsource Top 100 Deep House Artists of 2018

Well it’s been quite the year for some of the world’s most talented deep house producers in what can sometimes be an oversaturated market. We think it’s pretty safe to say that 2018 saw the level of competition in the Deep House scene like never before. With so many outstanding producers bringing their A game to the table, the last 12 months have been a truly outstanding year for Deep House music. Great news for all you fans out there, including ourselves!

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Traxsource Top 50 Soul/Funk/Disco Artists of 2018

2018 is the first year that we have compiled a Top Soul / Funk / Disco (SFD) Artists chart, a sure sign of the enduring popularity of the foundation genres of House music. Many artists who’ve made house and disco for years are slowly turning their hand to the more sophisticated charms of Soul and Funk, and there is also a whole new generation who make the lush instrumentation, heartfelt vocals and authenticity of Soul music central to their sound. And of course, the last few years have seen Disco make a big, big comeback, as the continuing success of parties like Glitterbox attests to. So for the first time ever join us in celebrating the Traxsource Top Soul / Funk / Disco Artists chart!

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Traxsource Top 100 Tech House Artists of 2018

The Tech House scene remained strong as ever in 2018. Tech House will always have its lovers and haters but it can’t be argued that its widespread global popularity has fueled an entirely new generation of dance music fans and DJs alike.

Whilst its popularity birthed a new generation of superstar DJs and peak time anthems (think Fisher, Solardo and Camelphat), we also felt the resurgence of Minimal creep back into the underground as many Tech producers searched for something to give them a raw underground edge and make their tracks stand out from one of the busiest genres. Tech producers began to add funky guitar melodies and dip their toes into the disco house sound whilst others softened their bass drums to explore deeper dubbed out rhythms or even dug out their 303s and added to the acid resurgence.

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Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco / Indie Dance Artists of 2018

Disco was born when elements of soul, funk, Latin and early electronic music came together, and our Nu Disco artists reflect this variety of influences in the range of music included. Although all the producers in the Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco Artists of 2018 chart make music rooted in the original 1970s disco sound, this is a genre that encompasses Indie-Dance, Re-Edits and Balearic too. Soaring strings, soulful vocals, 70s samples married to contemporary production and of course that unmistakable 4/4 pulse: this chart was an absolute joy to compile. Here is the Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco Artists of 2018.

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Traxsource Top 100 Jackin Artists of 2018

Jackin House: heavily-swung rhythms, disco, soul and jazz samples, and those irresistible Chicago beats. Jackin is a truly party-friendly sound, characterized by energy, sheen and heaps of funk. 2018 has seen the genre consolidate its popularity worldwide, and the artists listed below are drawn from all over the globe, bringing fresh influences to this vibrant scene.

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Traxsource Top 100 Afro House Artists of 2018

House music trends come and go, but good quality, underground music always stands the test of time. 2018 was certainly a standout year for the Afro scene, as the rhythmical sound seemed to be the backbone for DJs across a wide range of dance music genres. It’s great to see the hypnotic vibes now be embraced by a multitude of scenes, but remember, we at Traxsource have been championing the Afro scene since its very beginning. We don’t follow the latest trends, we follow good music. And on that note, here’s our selection of the best Afro House Artists for 2018.

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Traxsource Top 100 House Artists of 2018

The lifeblood of Traxsource and the birthplace of most of our sub-genres, House as a genre on Traxsource serves to provide a home for the legends of the scene, one where they rub shoulders with the new generation. Here you’ll find artists who’ve created seminal works that birthed the namesake, have shaped the scene and played a part in House’s rich musical history, whilst also allowing a fertile space to breed new talent – those who emulate the familiar sounds of Chicago or still retain the feeling of one of the most influential, inclusive and important genres in dance music.

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The Traxsource Best of 2018 Has Arrived!

2018 has been an epic year for quality House and Disco, firmly returning back to the main rooms and dominating stages across the world! This resurgence has delivered an outstanding list of #realhousemusic showcased in our ‘Best of 2018’ in all of its glorious flavors.

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