In a very short space of time Giom has become one of the most highly sought after producers, remixers and DJs in the deep house scene. His music is consistently found at the top of download sales charts and in the sets of DJs from house music’s jetsetting elite to bedroom jocks in every corner of the world. We spoke with Giom about what he’s been up to recently.

Hey, Thanks for sitting down with us with such a busy touring schedule, let us first off congratulate you for hitting the #1 spots both in Overall charts and Deep House charts on Traxsource with your remix of Let The Music Play by Hector Couto & Santi Garcia feat. Pablo Fierro, 
it must have been an amazing feeling?

“It was indeed a truly amazing feeling, and so unexpected, there are no words to describe it. I also certainly did not expect it to stay up there for 3 weeks! I must have bored my amazing fans to death as I probably spoke about it every day on social networks.”

You have been touring this summer with Snatch head honcho – Riva Starr for the past couple of weeks, performing with him on the “Bateria Fantastica” tour. Tell us about your role on the tour.

“My role is to play a Roland SPD-SX drum trigger unit while Riva plays the tracks of the show using Traktor. I spent a long time customizing it so I that have a unique set of sounds for each song in the set. I’ve also re-sampled most of the tracks in the set and can re-play the main hooks via the pads, but with added visual effect of me bashing this thing with sticks instead of looking at a laptop… Basically this show is like a live remix-mashup thing, it gets the crowd going and is quite fun!”

Any interesting or crazy stories touring this Summer that your probably not supposed to tell us about?

Me and Riva did the opening night of Privilege in Ibiza last month, and that was crazy. It was totally rammed and we played one of our best sets! It really was like nothing I’d ever experienced in a club before. I’m not supposed to tell you that for the first show I did with him I was wearing my glasses and after about 10min I was sweating so much that they kept falling of my face, which was a bit problematic for a 90min show. So now I wear contacts for the show.

When you DJ as a solo artist, describe your style and what you like to play as the night progresses. Is it a lot like your productions?

“I don’t stick to a particular style, I play house music that I like: sometimes deep, sometimes a bit jackin, a bit of vocals, sometimes a bit techy, but always with a quirky element to it as I tend to not like music that’s “too serious”. I find my sets really depend of the venue, the crowd, sound-system and the general vibe, but also on the latest tracks I’ve received or bought online.”

You’re a self-proclaimed avid user and supporter of Ableton Software. What makes this your “go to” sequencer? Any recommendations for an inspiring producer to start out on a DAW such as Ableton Live?

“I personally think Ableton is years ahead of the competition. While I always loved the idea of making music on a computer, I never actually “liked” any software: I never had fun using Reason, Cubase, Pro-Tools and Logic, all of which I have used at some point in the past 10 years. Ableton was just like an atomic bomb for me, suddenly it was FUN again to make music, like actually “playing” the computer. I love the concept of those little boxes which you can play, and I also love and use all the effects, sounds and synths. Finally, it is also about 10 times faster than the others and that’s really important for me as I get easily distracted and don’t have to worry about files taking 10min to load or something…”

What’s your studio like? Any Analog gear in your repertoire?

“Oh yeah, sure! While everything gets edited and sorted out in Ableton, I do love and use analog gear. I have a Korg Poly800 synth which I love and tend to use on everything these days, A Roland JX-3P and SR-202 string machine, Yamaha TX81Z, TX7 and DX100, Simmons drum machine, Mackie desk, Lexicon reverb, Alesis 3630 Compressor and I just inherited a Bass Station, which I can’t wait to start using.”

What can we expect next from Giom? Whatt’cha workin’ on?

“I’m currently taking a short break from doing remixes to focus on original material as I’ve finally started to work on my debut album. But before that, I have a couple of EPs coming out on the likes of Muak Music and remixes for the likes of King Street, Lost My Dog and Love Not Money.”

How do you feel about the current state of House music?

“I think it’s brilliant! A lot of great underground artists are getting the recognition they deserve. Obviously there’s a lot of commercial crap out too but nothing different here, it’s always been this way. However, now more than ever, there’s amazing music around and if you go out and look for it then you’ll find it.”

Where does Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

“Traxsource is part of my weekly shopping routine without fail! I’m lucky to get sent a lot of music these days but probably actually play only 5% of the free stuff. I buy all of my music.”

Tell us something your fans don’t know about you?

“The first gig I ever went to was Stevie Wonder in Paris. I have a signed Michael Mcdonald record and I make better scrambled eggs than you.”