Noir Music - Exclusive Interview

Noir Music label is now established as one of the most successful, credible and forward thinking imprints on the market. Noir Music serves as an outlet for his own productions and showcases some of the best new & established producers from the underground scene such as Solomun, Deetron, Butch, Larse, Danny Daze, Subb-an, Stimming, Tiefschwarz, Laura Jones, Hot Since 82, Gorge and more. The artist Noir and his three imprints that make up Noir Music Label-Group; Noir Music, NM2 and Klimaks respectively, have succeeded in becoming a consistent highclass community of quality house music.

We got a chance to catch up with the man himself and talk about upcoming releases on Noir Music, his personal studio set-up, ADE, and the future!

Hey Noir, Thanks for stoppin’ in with us. Let me first start out with – How are you and what have you been up to this week?

I am feeling good. I actually just recovered from flu, so I feel back on top and on at least 120% :)

You have a Noir release dropping Monday October 1st, 2012 entitled “Satisfied”. Tell us what inspired this track?

I bought a bunch of vinyl’s recently + went through some of my older vinyl’s from the 90s and early 2000s to search for special tracks, booties, remixes to play out and I guess the whole 90s garage house and techno fever that’s hit back big time this year, especially on the vinyl market, kinda triggered my ideas for this track. It’s made on the side-line of my forthcoming album and was just one of those spontaneous ideas where I went for it instead of repressing a good idea.

On this specific track I spent a lot of time making it sound like it was ripped from a vinyl and then at one specific point, it gets silence (no vinyl distortion etc.), so the clever listeners will notice it’s actually not ;)

DJ Le Roi is scheduled next on your Noir Music imprint. How did you connect with him?

True story is…… I liked his releases on Get Physical and Katchuli, but it wasn’t until I discovered his “All Cats Are Grey” track on Muak Music that I fell 100% in love. At the time the track was actually only available via Traxsource and I bought it from the site, played it in the clubs and the reactions were amazing. So I decided to hit DJ Le Roi up for possible remix work or unsigned tracks for my labels and when he send something he just finished a couple of days later I fell in love straight away. I was actually touring when I got the tracks, so I kinda tested them in clubs straight away and remember I wrote Dj Le Roi from Helsinki airport that I wanted the tracks for Noir Music. Now we got Nikola Gala, Kevin Over and Clio remixes included in the package coming October 15th and I am very excited about the release. Dj Le Roi is extremely talented, proud to have made him a member of the Noir Music family.

When you DJ, describe your style and what you like to play as the night progresses. Is it a lot like your productions?

I guess there is a similarity. Both as a producer and DJ I produce and play different kinds of vibes. I am mainly into deep, house, techno and always on the hunt for those outstanding tracks that people would remember the day after in clubs rather than playing forgettable beats and loops all night. And same goes for my productions. You will always find something in there that makes it differ from the ordinary (melodies, personalized beats, vocals, whatever)

I like to mix it up when I play. You won’t find a certain progressing or pre-made set when I play. It all happens very spontaneously. Sometimes I play brand new music all night, sometimes its mixed up with a lot of classic tracks. Depends on the mood, the vibe, the crowd and the club. It’s not unusual to hear me go from techno and back to deep house or the other way around. I really enjoy mixing it up rather than being totally predictable.

And of course that inspires my productions as well. I never found the “template” from which I work every time in the studio. I basically start from scratch on every single track and therefore they end up sounding quite different from each other.

Describe your studio. (Any analog gear? What’s your preferred DAW?)

I mainly produce my music in Ableton. I have the Maschine from Native Instruments where I tap all my beats from. Before I bought the Machine I played all my beats from keyboards. I like to make the beats by hand rather than playing them. I also play all melodies and chords from my M-Audio 49 key midi-keyboard. Without that I would be lost. I really like to jam and play/record everything by hand. I also have the Dave Smith Prophet8 analog synthesizer + a small Novation keyboard that actually contain some pretty cool sounds and pacthes. I have about 30-50 different VST plugins, but I cant really tell you my favourite, cause I try not to re-use the same stuff over and over again. I think the VST I have used the most is the mini-moog. My soundcard is the very cool Octa-Capture from Roland and my most trusted studio monitors are the NS10’s from Yamaha.

What’s up for ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)?

I have a couple of meetings daytime and then I play Thursday. I play Deep House Special for Strafwerk alongside Amé, Extrawelt, Adana Twins etc. Friday I play Defected In The House @ Air with Tensnake, Sandy Rivera, NiCe7, Flashmob, Hot Since 82, etc. And I also play the Souvenir & Wilde showcase Friday with Tiefschwarz, Bloody Mary, Daniel Wilde and more. Saturday I think I will hang out with friends, go to a couple of cool parties and hopefully get inspired :)

Your labels are solid proof that house music is moving in the right direction. Is deep here to stay?

Did deep ever leave? Of course deep is here to stay. I have always been into the deeper and darker sides of house and techno and never really felt we have been without it, maybe because of my personal taste and the music I look for in general. In 2010-2012 vocals just came back into deep house big time and made it more accessible to people. The whole deep house/hipster scene grew big over the last couple of years and I think that inspired a lot of producers to go back to more melodic and slow, deep stuff again. Which is good. The girls are back on the dance floor singing along to the tunes again. We had a period from 2007-2009 where I ended up missing that…… the unity vocal tracks can create in clubs.

Where do you think the next “new sound” will be headed?

Well like mentioned earlier we have already been hit by the 90s and early 2000s sounding garage house. I think that will stick for some time before we get hit by the big “old school” techno vibe again. Techno with soul.

We heard about some upcoming album buzz. Can you confirm?

I am working on it yes. Its gonna be 10-12 “songs” and not “tracks”, meaning you will hear full vocal tracks (verse, chorus) and its not all gonna be 4/4. I can’t tell much cause it’s still at a very early stage, but I will be collaborating with various singer/songwriters over the next 5-6 months and hope it’s finished around spring next year. I have now scheduled 1 weekend off every month to get more time in studio. When you travel the world every week and play 3-5 gigs every weekend, there’s not much energy left for studio time when you are finally back home.

Where does Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Well…… it was the first site I had a over-all top 3 sales chart with. It was “All About House Music” back in 2005 on Grant Nelson’s Wyze Recordings. That of course gave me my first worldwide attention and kinda put “Noir” on the house-map. Today I visit the site every week to look for tracks that are not available in other stores + Traxsource has got a really great back catalogue of underground house which I cant seem to find elsewhere. Especially the classic US house stuff from 90s and 2000s. So I like to dig out some classics from time to time.