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Danny and Alessandro share a vision together, where music reclaims focus and all else comes second. They see a world in which their motivation is to create something worth while, and worth listening to. A place where respect, honesty, and simplicity foster positive growth and forward movement. They began building this world, and dubbed it Flashmob.

In the current state of digital sales charts, illegal downloads, and countless egos, Flashmob are the voice of the opposition. Bringing underground back down to earth and away from commercial exploitation. No unwarranted releases, no shameless self promotion, and no disrespect. These are the virtues to which Flashmob bind themselves, virtues that have in recent years become more and more rare.

By focusing their entire energy on the only true thing that matters, music, Flashmob has already gained ground. The first demo cut from the fresh duo, ‘Brickhouse’ created quite a stir in the scene; played at some of Ibiza’s hottest nights to overwhelming fanfare and gaining them attention from Berlin’s Tech House ministry Get Physical.

2012 looks to be an eventful year for Flashmob, while innovation and self awareness will help to ensure a place in the scene, it’s the solid production skills and sheer talent that will carry them to their goals.

Flashmob feat Laila Walker ‘Pieces’ is out now on Defected

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