Supernova shift to darker production territories

The first release of 2013 for the Italian duo certainly marks a shift to darker production territories. Whilst this two track EP retains much of their signature dance floor grooves and hooks, the eponymous cut in particular experiments with darker and deeper sounds. The hard hitting perpetual low end throb and simple percussive ascension which drive with vigorous intent through to the warped vocal loop are a perfect accompaniment to the track’s lyrics. ‘€˜The Bridge‘€™ is an equally as uncompromising dance floor cut, but with its fusion of early 90’s whoops and empowering vocal samples, there’s enough pumped up attitude for any peak time party vibes. In short, another technically sophisticated and original offering, proving that Supernova are by no means one trick ponies.

‘The World Is Crazy EP’ is out now on Defected

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