HNNY 'Yearning' for more

Last year Stockholm based producer HNNY provided us with one of the biggest releases on Local Talk to date, ‘For The Very First Time’ which still tops the charts all over the globe. Now he’s back with a follow up, Yearning, a straight up stompin‘€™ US Garage track proving he’s not just one trick pony. With a big hook, a cathcy vocal sample and jacked up house beat HNNY have done it again.

Simple, effective and so incredibly funky! This release also contains a massive Dirtytwo remix of HNNY‘€™s ‘For The Very First Time‘€ in a 80s boogie style. The remix was initially used as a secret weapon in Dirtytwo’s livesets. But when Mats & Tooli heard it they decided that this version just had to be released. Simply put, the Dirtytwo Midas Touch version is golden house weapon and has been one of the most talked about track in our DJ-sets in recent months. Big remix!

‘Yearning’ is out now on Local Talk

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