Will Monotone makes his return to Fogbank

Boston based producer & owner of Hush Recordings Will Monotone keeps his foot on the gas with a worthy follow-up to his 2012 smash hit ‘Dem Mai Hoe’s on fellow Bostonian producers J Paul Getto’s label Fogbank Recordings.

You couldn’t go anywhere in clubland this past year without hearing Will Monotone’s Fogbank hit ‘Dem Mai Hoes’. A bassy Tech-House monster built on rough Jackin’ beats, featuring the eccentric vocabulary of Moodyman explaining how he makes the MPC his Hoe! Simple but amazingly effective and it connected with clubbers worldwide!

His inevitable & expected follow up on Fogbank ‘Fiona’ follows a similar blueprint keeping the subby bassline & jackin beats as the foundation but replacing the spoken word with a more melodic humming male vocal that occasional breaks into riff phrases about seeing her (Fiona) “walking down the street”. A remix from M.in rounds out the package.

We asked Will about the influence behind the release as well as his association with J Paul Getto and here’s what he told us…..

“I came up with the idea of ‘Fiona’ after bouncing around a couple of song ideas with my manager, Marco. We are always listening and reminiscing about tracks that have inspired us throughout our lives. I think by putting a fresh spin on records that have influenced me, I am paying tribute to the producers that came before me. Also, with electronic music becoming more mainstream, I wanted the new generation to look back to some of the older music that has made it what it is today. I decided to name the track ‘Fiona” because at the time I had just met a special woman “walking down the street” as the lyrics described and decided to name it after her.”

“Tony from J Paul Getto & I are both from Boston. We met a while ago when I was working at a record store called Boston Beat and he was in a group called Lost Daze. We both had a similar taste and a passion for music. We have been friends and working with music ever since.”