Classic's Wonder & Amazement

We checked in with Luke Solomon about the latest release on his label Classic.

Wonder & Amazement is a record I’ve had in various forms and incarnations from ex Chicken Lips members Steve Kotey & Andy Meecham for about a year now; a song that immediately grabbed me from the very first moment I heard it. Reminiscent of days gone by mixed with a touch of the new, a song that contains a mixture of both the old Classic and the new Classic. I’ve been championing it for a while now, either in sets or charts, even including it on a recent compilation I did. It’s a record that we are proud to be able to use as a soundtrack to this new era of Classic.”

“Adding to its unique wonder we talked to a few amazing producers to get their own vibes on it for remixes. I’ve been a fan of Crooked Man (aka DJ Parrott) for years, as part of The All Seeing Eye, and his recent ‘Machine’, ‘Preset’ and ‘I’ll Be Loving You’ releases (all of which I actually tried to sign to Classic), and for generally being a bit of a Sheffield legend. Here his Crooked Sky Remix is exactly what I hoped for from him. Deetron’s productions and remixes I’ve liked for ages and he seemed to be the right person to go to give this record that bigger mix it needed. Yosa is a completely under-rated Japanese producer in my eyes, whose recent records have stayed in my sets for a long, long time, stripping back the unnecessary fiddly bits and keeping it bare to the bones…classic.”