Player Stats Released for Red Blue Classic DJ Basketball Game

Courtesy of – Written by Prab Kumar, New York – United States 3/13/13

As you all should know by now, the most important basketball game since you first played NBA Jam is soon approaching. The Red Blue Classic, Miami’s premier exhibition match for DJs with ups, takes place on Tuesday, March 19th. The lineup is stacked and the anticipation has been palpable for weeks, with copious amounts of shit-talking already taking place in the twitter-verse. The Red Team is a fiery side, coached by none other than Seth Troxler, a guy known for being extremely straight-laced and having no fun ever. The Blue team is led by the formidable Matt Brookman of Ovum. It’s time to get serious, so with the help of organizers Chris and Victoria Manik, we’ve compiled a fact sheet on the starting lineup for each side.


Tickets are on sale at : Red Blue Classic – CLICK ME

Where: Miami Jewish Center, 4221 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Each member of the starting lineup was asked the following questions:
1. Current favorite NBA player?
2. Your on the court nickname?
3. Message to the opposing team?


Ryan Crosson #10 Shooting Guard (6’5’‘ 175)

1. Chris Paul aka CP3
2. “Lockdown”
3. “The charity stops once we hit the court”

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MANIK #35 Small Forward (6’7’‘ 180)

1. Kevin Durant
2. “Lights Out”
3. “I used to break ankles in school… and my current shot is like a Monet painting….it looks better from a distance.”

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Jimmy Maheras #33 Center (6’11’‘ 280)

1. Forget current! But Deron Williams in todays game.
2. “Jimmy The Dream” aka Jim Jones Ballin
3. “MK and Lee are gonna need Anabel to console them after the game”

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Steve Martinez #8 Point Guard (6’0’‘ 170)

1. CP3
2. “Mad Handle”
3. “Gonna be cutting up their D all day…”

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Russ Yallop #24 Power Forward (6’8’‘ 225)

1. Kyrie Irving
2. “Baby Rodman”
3. “Please don’t ever pass to Lee. Not coz he’s good, just it’d be really funny.”

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MK #13 Center (7’1’‘ 290)

1. Blake Griffin
2. “Dikembe Mujumbo”
3. “MANIK should be in the gym and not liking my Moog pics on Instagram”

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Chris Martinez (TMB) #6 Forward (6’8’‘ 220)

1. Carmelo Anthony
2. “Bronx Bernard King”
3. “They can’t hold me.”

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Lee Foss #1 Shooting Guard (6’3’‘ 165)

1. Derek Rose
2. “The Truth”
3. “I think that must be their color because subconsciously they know that’s what color their balls will be this week when the girls hear how much they lost by…”

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Matt Tolfrey #3 Small Forward (6’4” 185)

1. Dwayne Wade
2. 1-800-Tol-Free
3. “Crosson not willing to train with me as we are on opposing teams…”

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Oscar G #5 Power Forward (6’9’‘ 250)

1. Cmon dogg….BRON!
2. The Enforcer!
3. “Just watch…”

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