Old School goes Nu School - 95 North & Big D vs. Eric Kupper

Originally released on vinyl on Hysteria Records in 1999, Eric Kupper now gives a fresh approach to this deep house classic ‘Think About’ by Doug Smith & Richard Payton aka 95 North

Fuelled by a deep throbber of a bass line, this remix is a thoroughly modern deep house tech funker, with a bit of a stylistic nod to classic Chicago, New York and Detroit house.

Upfront support from Rocco, Jask, Davidson Ospina, Oscar P. and many other of the world’s finest DJ’s indicate that this will be rocking many a dance floor worldwide.

We caught up with Eric Kupper to ask about the release.

How did you reconnect with 95 North, and what inspired you to go into a more deep sound?

I was looking through my 90’s catalog as I wanted to remix something from the catalog that would reflect the direction of Hysteria Records in 2012, focusing primarily on deep and soulful house. ‘Think About’ seemed like a perfect fit, so I hit up Richard from 95 North on Facebook…he was up for the idea. The one issue for me was, I could not find the vocal on any digital media other then DAT tape (which was buried in one of many boxes of hundreds of DAT tapes.) I also did not trust my DAT machines to work properly after so many years (they are known to “eat” tapes if not properly maintained.). So, I got the vocal from the vinyl, which gave it a cool edgy quality as well. Kept it real… ;).

Stylistically, I have made plenty of deep house tracks throughout the years, but there is a style of deep house that has been growing in the past year or two. I was talking to Traxsource’s very own Brian Tappert about it some months back, and we both agreed it seemed to be breathing a new life into house music as a whole. Artists like Maya Jane Coles, Macro Plex, Jamie Jones, etc. It just seemed like a logical progression to incorporate this feel into some of my tracks. In general, this vibe is not to far away from the deep stuff I was doing with my K-Scope project back in 1995. It is a modern approach to a classic vibe. It just made sense.