Richard Earnshaw / Spiritchaser (Duffnote, One51, Guess)

News.Traxsource catches up with Richard Earnshaw burning his ADE candle at both ends.. as usual!

How was you ADE 2012 for you?

I’ve always had a productive and inspiring time at ADE but this year, it surpassed all the previous ones for me. There was a real sense of purpose and enthusiasm about the way the industry is developing and moving forward. It’s been very hard the last few years and there is long way to go, but events like this really do make a difference in showing the way to an optimistic future for music.

What was your highlight of the conference itself?

I’m sure most would expect the response, to be “the parties!!”, some might single out a particular panel, but actually for me it’s one of those rare opportunities in what is a very impersonal email driven world to meet and talk to people face to face. It’s amazing how much productivity there is when you’re actually with people whether it’s meeting up with old friends or building new friendships and business opportunities.

What was the best party?

I’d have to be biased here and go for the iCulture party at Blinq on the Thursday night. Co-organised with Mike Scot (Sensative Soul) we did a little pre-party last year which was really well attended, so this year went for the main slot….and the turn out was nothing short of superb!! Rammed from one side of the club to the other, with Martin Ikin, Grant Nelson, myself, Mike Scot with live performances from Chappell and Natasha Watts. And I have to raise a glass (or 10) to Lewis Ferrier and the Stimulated Soul pre-party with Nick Moss (Groove Assassin) and Sean McCabe. It was just a great vibe in there all night long. It’s really hard to make it round all the parties as there are so many, but we did manage some of the Soul Heaven party and although I had left late Friday, I’m sure the Purple Music and MN2S/Def Mix parties were good too.

What was your biggest record of conference?

Well I’ll tell you which track wasn’t my biggest…..Whigfield ‘Saturday Night’!! But in my set, the best received was my Modified People ‘We Are’ release. It’s got a touch of “Earnshaw” about it but twisting things around a little…whatever it is though, it went down a treat!