Local Talk welcomes Fred Everything

With more than 150 releases and many of them considered classics by now we’re really proud to welcome Frederic Blais aka Fred Everything to the ever growing Local Talk family. The atmospheric deep house builder Brothers & Sisters comes in two different versions and is everything we could wish for, deep, punchy and masterfully produced house music, sounding right at home on Local Talk. The PM Atlantic version will do the work for the early sets and AM Pacific is the perfect end of the nighter. Finishing off is Legacy, a track where groove and dedication is the keywords, a guaranteed weapon in any DJ’s bag in the coming months. All in all, three tracks of the kind of nuanced deep house we’ve come to expect from the brilliant Fred Everything.

‘Brothers & Sisters / Legacy’ is out now on Local Talk

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Fred Everything & Local Talk Interview Each Other

Fred Everything: Why the name local talk?

Local Talk: Besides the fact that the name sounds ace to our ears and looks amazing in print it was actually an act of desperation. We tried so many names and we had a tight deadline so we simply said fuck it…lets go with the name we had at the top of the list. But hey, we got lucky as we’re very happy with our name and logo :)

Local Talk: Why the name Fred Everything?

Fred Everything: I originally wanted to cal myself Fried Everything but I was afraid Eats Everything would eat me.

Fred Everything: The resurgence of the 90s house… What’s next?

Local Talk: Ouff, if we got a cent for every time we get asked questions about the 90s sound both of us would be filthy rich and rollin’ laaarge! But as we’re not stupid we of course understand that hypes goes up and down so we won’t get stuck in one specific genre. To be honest we sometimes find it slightly strange that we’re so associated with the 90s sound as we’ve from day one released all kinds of house styles. Check the back catalogue and the truth will come out…we’ve bona all directions. BUT!!! Let it be clear, we’re not one of those fake hipsters that will simply quit dropping 90s house tunes jus’ because some twats now moved over to the next hype. Its simple…if we like it…we’ll put it out…hyped or not hyped!

Local Talk: You’ve been involved in the house scene for many years now, what’s the biggest difference if you compare the early 90s when you started and today?

Fred Everything: Haircuts and all inclusive deals.

Fred Everything: What’s the weirdest demo you ever received?

Local Talk: Well, this is not really a weird demo but a funny story nonetheless. Back when Local Talk was brand new we scouted demos from all possible places. One day Mats heard this hot tune on Freerange from this new act called Kyodai that he really liked. He found an e-mail on the release that had “NYC” (or similar) included in the address so Mats obviously thought these guys was Americans. Anyway, he shoots off this e-mail asking if the was interested in releasing and gets this reply…
“Hola…its us ;)”
It turned out to be our good friends Javi & Luiz from Wagon Cookin / Bassfort that just started their new secret act Kyodai. For those who don’t know, Bassfort was the very first release on Local Talk. Its a small world sometimes ;)

Local Talk

Local Talk: According to your bio you have done more than 150 releases, can you honestly say you remember them all? Have you ever got surprised when you heard a track and then someone told it was your own production?

Fred Everything: I usually only remember the bad ones. I’ve caught myself enjoying one of my tunes out until I realized it was one of mine, then I went back to analyzing the mix

Fred Everything: Favorite food to eat before, during and after a gig.

Mats: before, during and after…beer (beer is food also!!!)
Tooli: I don’t eat, on a strict diet ;)

Local Talk: You run Lazy Days Recording, produce music full time & DJs around the world. Besides working with music what do you enjoy doing, when you’re having a lazy day?

Fred Everything: Movies, food (eating and cooking), spending time with my girlfriend and my Husky dog and disco napping.

Fred Everything: Is green really your favorite color? If so, are you the Green Lantern of House Music or you just have a Hulk fetish?

Local Talk: Nah, we actually made of list of label colors we didn’t or couldn’t use and the only cool color that was left was green. But we’ve actually had talks with the Hulk about him becoming our official house mascot…how cool is that?

Local Talk: How would you describe Local Talk, as a label?

Fred Everything: Classic. Quality. Timeless. Swedish. Green.

Fred Everything: Is it true that Swedish House Mafia once taught you how to not mix?

Local Talk: No, but a true story is that Sebastian Ingrosso from SHM used to ask Mats if he could come up in the DJ booth and look when he was mixing. This was around 2003-2004 when Mats was Stockholms most hyped DJ. Now he’s just bitter old man still thinking he’s better than all these young and upcoming kids…not!

Fred Everything

Local Talk: Which one, of all your releases would you say is the deepest one?

Fred Everything: Haven’t done it yet.

Fred Everything: Are you each other’s brothers or sisters?

Local Talk: Not really, but we still treat each other better than we ever did towards our own brothers and sisters. Local Talk first, family second!

Local Talk: Of all the Local Talk releases so far (yours not included) which one(s) do you play in your sets…if any?

Fred Everything: A lot of them. Kyodai “Breaking” was a big one for me and now it’s the Dirtytwo Midas Touch remix of “For The Very First Time”. But of course you know that because I’ve been buggin’ you to get this track for ages!

Fred Everything: Fred or Eats Everything?

Local Talk: U’r joking right?? Fred Eats Everything.