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With Aki Bergen’s latest release, the Respect & Spicy Basslines EP just hitting the digital selves at Traxsource, we get an Exclusive look into his studio, gear used & much more.

What equipment do you have in your studio? (full studio kit list).

Neurotraxx Studio Blue


  • MacPro Intel 3.2 GHz Quad Core
  • iMac 27 inch Intel 3.1 GHz Quad Core
  • MacBook Pro 15inch Intel 2.6 GHz Quad Core
  • MacBook Pro 13inch Intel 2.5 GHz Quad Core
  • Hackintosh i7 Quad Core
  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad Core
  • Dangerous 2-Bus
  • Dangerous LT
  • Pro Tools 10
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Cubase 7
  • Mackie MCU Pro
  • Mackie XT Pro


  • Apogee Rosetta 800
  • RME ADI 8-DS
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • 2x KRK Vxt 8
  • 2x Adam A-7
  • 2x Auratone 5C
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770
  • Sennheiser HD 25-C
  • Sennheiser HDJ 2000


  • 2x Urei LN 1176 Dual Peak Limiter
  • 1x SSL4000G Bus Compressor
  • 2x DBX 160 A Compressor/Limiter
  • 2x DBX 266 XL Stereo Compressor Limiter
  • 2x Pultec EQP-1A
  • 1x Thermionic Culture The Phoenix SB
  • 1x Teletronix LA-2A
  • 1x Universal Audio Solo 610


  • Access Virus C Table
  • Access Virus TI Table
  • Arturia Minibrute
  • Roland D-50
  • Roland TR-606
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland JP-8000
  • Yamaha DX7 II
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Moog Sub Phatty
  • Clavia Nord Rack 2
  • Clavia Nord Lead 3x
  • Korg Trinity
  • Korg MS-20
  • Korg Microkorg
  • Korg Microkorg XL
  • Elka Wilgamat 1967 Vintage Synth
  • Waldorf Pulse
  • Doepfer MS-404
  • E-MU Planet Phatt


  • Native Instruments Machine Micro
  • 2x Emagic AMT8
  • 2x Behringer Ultrapatch 8000
  • Behringer Eurorack
  • 2x Technics 1200 MKII
  • Rode NT2

Neurotraxx Studio Orange


  • MacPro Intel 3.2 GHz Quad Core
  • MacBook Pro 15Inch Intel 2.6 GHz Quad Core
  • MacBook Pro 13Inch Intel 2.5 GHz Quad Core
  • Project Lead 3.2 GHz Quad Core 24Gb Ram
  • RME Fireface 800
  • Dangerous 2-Bus
  • Dangerous LT
  • Pro Tools 10
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Cubase 7
  • M-Audio ProjectMix
  • Steinberg CC121
  • Native Instruments Kore 2
  • Korg Nano Control2
  • Wavelab 7


  • RME ADI-8 DS
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • 2x Genelec 1032 A
  • 2x KRK Rokit 8
  • Montarbo Amplifier TRIO Mosfer
  • 2x Montarbo W400 A
  • Montarbo Subwoofer 540
  • 2x XXL DX16
  • DAP Soundsystem 800w
  • Behringer UB 1202
  • Sennheiser HD215
  • Sony MDR-CD 480
  • Sony MDR-D 333
  • Sony MDR-D 700


  • 2x Urei LN 1176 Dual Peak Limiter
  • TL Audio Ivory 5021 Compressor/Limiter/Expander
  • TC Electronic C 300 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
  • DBX 160 A Compressor/Limiter
  • 2x Pultec EQP-1A


  • Moog Voyager RME
  • Moog Little Phatty Stage II
  • Moog Mooger fooger CP-251
  • Moog VX-352
  • Clavia Nord Wave
  • Korg Microkorg XL
  • Korg Radias
  • Dave Smith Prophet 8
  • Sherman Filterbank
  • Roland HP 206
  • Funk/Pop/Fusion Drum Yamaha Beech Custom Remo Weather King Ambassadors
  • Jazz Drum Daila Custom
  • Electric Bass Eko VJB-200


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Aki Bergen Interview

What is your favorite piece of equipment to use in the studio & why?

I am a Moog lover. Daniel Jaze, and me who is my business partner and friend, are completely into that inimitable and fat sound. We have 4 Moog synthesizers at the moment but we’re going to surely buy a new one very soon… It’s called Gear Acquisition Syndrome! Lol.

Honest, it’s hard to pick the best one between them but I would probably go for the Moog Voyager RME. It has a pretty cool versatile attitude for any kind of musical genre, so you can easily find the sound you were looking for in a few steps, which is simply awesome for an analog machine.

Give us some insight into your production process. How do you typically begin constructing a track?

I actually don’t have any customary processes but would say, I make tracks for the dance floor so most of the time I start building a groove that really satisfies my feeling and emotions as well. Also I put my hands on the piano and see what happens next.
At times, an idea comes up to my mind and first of all I try to get an impression if it is a good one or not. Generally speaking, I use to sit down in the chair, look around and figure out what I can do today.

What piece of studio equipment or production process defines the Aki Bergen sound?

I would definitely say the Clavia Nord Wave. It’s perfect for making special chord sounds – rhythmical and harmonic patterns that give me the right spicy sauce I need for my tracks. Basically through this synthesizer, I’m able to translate my ideas in music, simply by playing knobs for a few minutes.

What piece of hardware/software elevated your production to a higher level & how?

No doubt: Dangerous 2-Bus. I’ve worked with analog consoles for many years and this very long experience has helped me to gain an insight into the numerous differences between digital and analogue domains – so when I had the need to start off working also with digital stuff, I didn’t want to lose warm, punch and details that traditional vintage consoles have given to me in the past. To summarize, that 16-channels summing device gives me what I need: clear stereo imaging, headroom and pure definition.

What fresh equipment have you recently added to the lab?

Arturia Minibrute. It is an analogue beast! Acid basslines, distorted and noisy waveforms, multi-osc performance, all of those ungentle and aggressive sounds come from this baby.

What are your essential studio supplies (food, drink, cigs etc)?

A few weeks ago somebody asked me, are you an alien? It’s quite obvious I am not, but sometimes I feel like a robot – so this little preamble to say something which is probably weird but it’s all true: I have no studio supplies. Early morning, when I go to the studio, I use to have only 1 break for lunch, sometimes I drink water and go to the bath :) that’s it!

What list of artists have influenced your sound?

I would say I have a “varied” list of inspiring guys such as Mousse T, Boris Dlugosch, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Daft Punk, lUffie, Aphex Twin, Earth Wind & Fire, The Jackson 5 just to name a few.

What are your 3 favourite productions?

Aki Bergen – Into My Soul feat. Carmen Sherry

Miguel Migs – Everybody feat. Evelyn “Champagne” King (Aki Bergen Remix)

Aki Bergen – Don’t Call Me Artist

What handy Aki Bergen studio tip would you pass onto producers out there?

Work in mono, work in mono, work in mono! I heard a few super engineers and producers say “mono is dead” but to my mind it isn’t. Try to get used to that, and you’ll turn it out to be useful. Let me also say that behind of any handy advices there is something, which is called “knowledge”. It definitely speaks better than any tips & tricks.

What new production should your fans be on the lookout for at Traxsource soon?

As I recently wrote on my social networks:
On the 3rd of May, will be released my new work which is called Respect & Spicy Basslines EP. It’ll be a 3 tracks EP, definitely not in step with the trend these days, but purely made with love. The main song is “Respect feat. Ken Rosen”, written by Daniel Jaze and myself. It’s a sort of tribute to all the DJ’s, producers and artists, pros and beginners, music lovers and music pushers, in general to whom have been making sacrifices every day, years, just to keep underground music alive.

Aki Bergen’s Latest Release

‘Respect’ is out now on Neurotraxx Recordings

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