Hector Romero / Def Mix

Def Mix’s Hector Romero spills the beans on his ADE 2012 shenanigans

How was ADE 2012 for you?

ADE was super productive and loads of fun.

What was your highlight of the conference itself?

There were actually 2 highlights for me, 1 was sitting in on Judy Weinstein’s 25 Year Anniversary panel hosted by Brad LeBeau where she discussed the history of Def Mix along with Frankie Knuckles and David Morales 8- alot of insight was shared with the people that attended the panel. And 2nd was the Def Mix anniversary party at Sugar Factory hosted by MN2S, this was one hell of a party. It was a magical night with friends from the business that we hadn’t seen in ages. It was actually like an old school WMC party with the who’s who of the industry in attendance – Ultra Nate and Inaya Day sang over Frankie Knuckles’ set and the crowd was treated to something they didn’t expect. It was really special.

What was the best party?

Aside from ours!! LOL! I gotta say that the Soul Heaven, UK Party was really good as well. I got to hear DJ Spen, Terry Hunter and Luis Radio (Room 26 Rome) do their thing. Even Julie Mc Knight performed – she rocked!

What was your biggest record of conference?

Tedd Patterson’s forthcoming remix of Margaret Grace ‘My Love Is Not Blind’