Site Tips Recap...

Each week we will be highlighting some tips to make your experience here at Traxsource smooth like butta. This week we recap the 4 main Videos we have made so far…

Upgrade to WAV

This is a big favorite of ours, and its back! After a short missing in action moment after the launch of our new HTML5 Site…its back. Its simple to upgrade your past mp3 purchases to WAV, just watch the short video to learn how. Also, stay tuned as we implement more upgrade options soon.

The Share Player

Our new Share Player has what you need. Easily share your own chart, a release, a track, a Top sales list or whatever you want and embed it within your Facebook page or your blog / website. Learn all about it here in this short video.

The Player, Basics

The HTML5 Integrated Waveform Player is simple to operate. Check out this short video to learn some of the basic features. If you have the basics down pat just skip down to the next video below.

The Player, Key Commands

Unleash the real power of our new HTML5 website by adding some basic key commands when you get your browse on. If you dont watch, you won’t know what you don’t know : )

Dont forget to check back next week and learn more helpful tips to make your time on Traxsource even better.

Until next time…