News.Traxsource talks to the Kyodai boys about their rocking ADE 2012

How was ADE 2012 for you?

It was great for us, we caught a lot friends and producers, new works are coming… It was also very nice to be there walking between river channels, drinking a beer and smoking, Beautiful city!

What was your highlight of the conference itself?

We were at the Phat Elephant lunch, speaking with a lot of DJs, Producers and Labels in the conference, we also had meetings with our sponsors too. There are many labels speaking about your music and you can see how the people love your work, that aspect is very good !

What was the best party?

Local talk and Room Control were great for us, we really enjoy them, we played alongside really good djs. it was a pity because we wanted to go to all the other parties, but we couldn’t because we were playing… ADE had a lot great parties!

What was your biggest record of conference?

We play a lot of our new stuff like ‘Sex affair’ (Room Control), our current EP on Poker Flat, ‘Never Know’, the new EP on Freerange ‘La Luz’, tracks from our upcoming album Local Talk, released in Spring 2013. It was great to see the reactions of the dancers to the new tracks, we also played fresh tracks of Dirty Two, HNNY and Detroit Swidle – the people loved it !