The All New Search Engine is Here!

That’s right…Our All New Search Engine is super fast & accurate! If you haven’t checked it out yet you should. It’s been clocked at a massive 800% faster than the old one (yes I said 800% faster) and it’s brand new partial and multi word capabilities make this the greatest enhancement to Traxsource yet

You spoke and we listened, since the launch of our new HTML5 Site, the Traxsource development team have been hard at work re-writing our search engine from the ground up…the results speak for themselves.

Here is what’s new:

1. Suggestions (800% Faster)

As you type, suggestions will pop up directly from our database making it simple to spot what you are searching for. This works best when searching a specific Artist, Label or Track as these are fed from the data within our system.

2. Multi Word Search (combine key words)

Now you can combine key words from various places to get exactly the result you want! Maybe you know the label and a bit of the track name but that’s all, or maybe you kind of know the artist’s name and a word or 2 from the title – now it’s no problem at all.

By example, let’s say you are searching for the ultra classic, Mr. Fingers “Can You Feel it”.
Try this: Search for ‘can you fingers’

And BAM!

Try it for yourself. Using a few key words you are sure of producing amazing, fast and accurate results!

3. Combining Partial Words

Often when searching, you may know some things for sure and others are a bit of a guess, or maybe the spelling is unusual. Using the new multi / partial word capabilities of our new search engine makes finding things super easy.

For example, let’s say you are looking for Grant Nelson’s classic remix of Negrocan’s track Cada Vez but you aren’t sure how to spell it, nor the label or artist. No problem… Here’s the move.

  • 1. Always put the things you are sure of first.
  • 2. Use partial words for everything after.

In this case, I know its Grant Nelson so I’ll just start with ‘grant’ and then try ‘cad’

And BAM!


  • 1. It’s nothing short of AMAZING!
  • 2. Better late than never!

Our brand new search engine is light years ahead of the old one and out performs most out there today. It has even more capabilities then we’ve highlighted here and we hope you dig in and find all the hidden treasures within our massive 1 Million + tracks catalog.

Happy Searching!