Noir / Noir Music

News.Traxsource catch up with Noir on the success of ADE 2012

How was ADE 2012 for you?

It was really good. I hung out with some good friends in the industry, met a lot of new friends, djs and artists, had some promising meetings and best of all…… I was lucky to play 3 super great parties during the conference.

What was your highlight of the conference itself?

Meeting the people/friends/artists I have never seen before face to face. It creates a stronger relation between people to actually meet in person that just being cyber friends. Also the positive energy ADE had this year was really nice to feel. Everybody was very positive and looking to a bright future for our passion……. the music.

What was the best party?

Wow that question I really cannot reply to. The 3 parties I played were all so different and great. Its impossible to pick out a favourite for me as I felt all gave me a lot and inspired me to play 3 totally different sets. Sorry! Have to say all of them. Unfortunately I didnt make it to any other parties than the ones I played myself.

What was your biggest record of conference?

Hmmmm…… 3 different parties a lot of great reactions. Rampa & – ‘The Track’ did create hands in the air moments at all parties, one out of 2-3 tracks I manage to play at all parties. Some bootlegs I made for the Defected Party at Air ‘At Night’ and ‘Finally’ made people happy.

And…. I had really great reactions from playing:
Alex Flatner, MSMS & Cari Golden – Love Is A Condition
Dj Le Roi – I Loved You First
Mikalogic – Supernova
Time Green – Reed
Nathan G – Tears From The Ghetto
Kevin Over – On
Tuccillo – Karimba
Tom Flynn & Shadow Child – Drive Hero
Affkt – Jakla (Gorge Remix)
Disclosure – My Attention Is War
Justin Martin – Butterflies (Catz n Dogz Remix)