The Shapeshifters go Analogue To Digital... And Back Again

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Simon and Max’s musical partnership. It also marks the 10th anniversary of the release of their anthem Lola’s Theme; the ubiquitous track that kick-­‐started the duo’s career, reaching No.1 in the UK and becoming a hit across the globe back in 2003/4. To celebrate this milestone, the Shapeshifters have curated a new LP, from which they have released a plethora of new mixes of their previous works.

With The Shapeshifters Album project Analogue To Digital… And Back Again just landing on Traxsource. The duo took time out of their busy life to chat about the Album, 10 years of The Shapeshifters & more


Simon, Max thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us – What can your fan base expect from the ‘ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL…AND BACK AGAIN’ album?

We wanted to make an album that related to our 10 years of working together as The Shapeshifters, but also moved things forward with new productions and sounds and I think that is exactly what we achieved.

Even though the Album is predominantly house, you certainly have given it a diverse feel with the likes of ‘Universal Love’, ‘No Holds Barred’ and a plethora of remixes featured. With all that being said, what was the main goal of your album? What did you want people to capture from it?

We have always been open minded with our sound & our DJ sets are a testament to the fact that we love all things House and that also comes across in our productions. We are not one trick pony’s and we can see past genre snobbery. We take everything we play or make on musical merit and it’s ability to evoke an emotion with an audience whatever the time of day. We hope this new album feels the same way.

“No Holds Barred” & “No Need No Body”. These really evoke that classic UK Rave vibe from the yesteryear. Was that the intention to stir these in this direction or did both projects naturally evolve that way?

No we just ended up feeling it this way. That time was very important to both our musical heritage and I guess subconsciously it sits well with us right now as we wanted to add something a bit different in our sets to inject a bigger energy at points without loosing the groove we are on. Both of these records do that for us.

Tell us a bit more about the track “Universal Love”. This really catches that classic Ibiza/summer vibe with its warm, atmospheric nature. What influenced you to take it in this direction and why Natalie Peris for the vocals?

We love this record. We always look to evoke an emotion in our music and this record is probably the best example of that. Natalie delivered that vocal in a different form as a demo but we heard something in it changed it around to suit us and it fitted perfectly with this groove and the feeling of the record we wanted to achieve. We love her tone on this song. The icing on the cake was the amazing keyboard work from Davos. After hearing him play we knew we wanted him on this and it all just came together exactly as we had hoped. It’s a special record.

What are your favourite cuts from the album & why? Also which ones have been really tearing it up in club land?

Cliché I know but we truly love everything delivered and we are just so proud of everyone who contributed to the album. They all delivered with love which is an amazing feeling for us.

2013 is the 10-year anniversary of a successful career together in the music industry. With a hefty catalogue & standout hits such as ‘Lola’s Theme’ and ‘Back To Basics’ under your belt. What keeps you both motivated & energized with the music after all this time?

Other than the obvious – loving music, playing to amazing crowds in great venues, the privilege of travelling the world doing something you love and getting paid well for it!! What else are we gonna do?? We have both been in this Industry for so long that I think we would find it difficult to just start working in an office. That alone is motivation enough.

Where can your fans catch you in club land over the next few months and what is next in the production pipeline?

Ibiza, India, South Africa, Asia and right throughout Europe. On the production side – we are already 50% through a brand new studio album, which we aim to have finished by November.

Where does Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Traxsource for us is the home of real House Music. It is the site we always look to do well on and thankfully that seems to be the case these days.

And finally, any last words?

A massive thank you to anyone who has supported us over the last 10 years. It is very much appreciated and inspires us to keep on doing what we do.

‘Analogue To Digital… And Back Again’ out now on Traxsource

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