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News.Traxsource chat with Atjazz about the huge success of Atjazz & Friends at ADE 2012

How was ADE 2012 for you?

ADE 2012 was all about making sure our party went off without a blip, We had the amazing Karizma fly over from Baltimore & also on the bill was myself Atjazz along with Brothers In Harmony, Kyri R2, Rafael Moraes, Si Tew & Steve Butler, Lets just say we didn’t have enough room for everyone and I think we’ll need a bigger venue next year! We loved every minute.

What was your highlight of the conference itself?

I really enjoyed the Chicken Tonight Party with Spen & Julie McKnight, It was a really nice vibe in there, really warm and a lot of familiar faces.

What was the best party?

Atjazz & Friends of course ;)

video courtesy of URVINSON SUBTONE

What was your biggest record of conference?

For me it was Karizma’s ‘Twyst This’, He drop it so well and the crowd almost collapsed, It was a moment in time I’ll always remember.