Hercules and Love Affair DJ-Kicks Mix Compilation

It was always meant to be this way. When Andy Butler started Hercules And Love Affair in the mid ’00s the idea wasn’t to form a band in the traditional sense, but rather something that was in a constant state of flux. A revolving door policy when it comes to singers. Constant change keeping things fresh. Never getting too comfortable with a particular sound. Something that was constantly exciting. People have come and gone. Famously, Antony Heggarty of Antony And The Johnsons sang on Hercules And Love Affair’s 2008 debut single, ‘Blind’, six minutes of future retro disco that was voted the best song of the year by Pitchfork.

Hercules And Love Affair will always be ruled by Butler’s encyclopedic knowledge of 40 years of New York dance music, from disco to house and beyond to the DFA era; the effortless way he distills that knowledge into timeless grooves; soulful, classic house-inspired vocals (whoever happens to be singing them); and that bittersweet, delicious nocturnal melancholy that all the best dance music has always tapped, the joy of dancing away a broken heart at 4am.

Butler contributes to the benchmark DJ mix series ‘DJ Kicks’. It’s only his second commercial mix ever, the first being 2009’s excellent ‘Sidetracked’ for Renaissance. Butler started DJing when he was 15 and it’s in his blood. There are few people who know more about dance music history than him, but he combines it with an approach that’s bang up to date, recontextualizing classic tracks with disco that sounds like it’s been beamed in from the 2nd Century. In short, it’s a rivetting prospect.

Like all Dj-Kicks mix series, the exclusive track ‘Release Me’ featuring Whitney Fierce, sounds like a forgotten Hacienda classic, the lost follow-up to ‘Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight’ by Kariya, and will be the first new music for almost 2 years.