The Supernova Instagram Take-Over Wrap-Up!

Here’s the Wrap-Up edition of our incredible weekend we had literally handing over our Instagram Account to none other than Supernova – for our inaugural Instagram Take-Over.

The Italian DJ and producer duo took us on the inside track through 4 gigs this passed weekend from Italy to Spain to London and back, the boys really pulled out all the stops on an exhausting weekend tour to finish off their Summer. Stay tuned for the next Instagram Take-over as we will be announcing a new guest artist every month. Enjoy the pictures, we sure did!

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Thursday (Aug 29th)

“Here’s the gig schedule this weekend!”

“Welcome to the Supernova Instagram Take-Over”

“We Love Sun friends before The party” We Love Sun @ Phi Beach (Baja Sardinia)”

“We Love Sun sunset before The party starts” We Love Sun @ Phi Beach (Baja Sardinia)”

“The party starts now!” We Love Sun @ Phi Beach (Baja Sardinia)”

“We Love Sun party people” We Love Sun @ Phi Beach (Baja Sardinia)”

Friday (Aug 30th)

“Before the party… We start @4cento for a nice dinner with super nice company” 4Cento (Milan, Italy)”

“Set up ready to go!!” 4Cento (Milan, Italy)”

“The next dj is a dog!”

Saturday (Aug 31st)

“Readyyyy to start!!!” @Sunflower (Florence, Italy)”

“Checking some music in the room before the show”

“Some usefull things for tonight”

“Live from the party at Lightbox, London”

Sunday (Sept 1st)

“On The way to Pisa, ready for Sunflower!”

“Readyyyy to start!!!” @Sunflower (Florence, Italy)”

“Amazing Sunflower…we rocked it!” @Sunflower (Florence, Italy)”

Monday (Sept 2nd)

“Florence airport, on the way to Barcelona, Elrow is waiting for us, set time: 12:00am – 2:00am” @Elrow (Barcelona, Spain)”

“Our Elrow’s chicken friend.” @Elrow (Barcelona, Spain)”

“This is what we call a super party…. Elrow… It always gets better and better” @Elrow (Barcelona, Spain)”

“It’s time to Go back home. Thank you Traxsource for letting us takeover your Instagram. We hoped you all enjoyed this as much as we did. Ciao!”“

About Supernova

Italian duo Supernova was formed by childhood friends Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi back in 2003. Soon after meeting each other for the first time the guys realised they had a great potential for working together and in a relatively short space of time became internationally renowned for their heartfelt, eclectic and delightfully unpredictable productions as well as their incomparable live sets. Their inspiration comes from what they used to listen in their youth – Chicago house, acid house and jazz, funk and hip-hop, let alone the fact that both Emiliano and Giacomo studied classical music.

Recent Supernova Interview | Courtesy of

Here’s an Exclusive DJ Top 10 that Supernova were rockin’ out this past weekend!


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