Exclusive! Deetron 'Music Over Matter' Interview

Summary by Music Man
Asked to describe his music to a new listener one might falter. While it‘€™s true that there is a very specific sound at the core of his music, it is the fluid nature of Deetron‘€™s work that defines him as an artist. Yet there is one word that can be used to sum up this dynamic musical mind and the polymorphic sounds that he has mastered – Maverick.

Departing from the accepted course, a free-spirited, non-conformist both musically and in his chosen path within the industry; this distinguishing characteristic is also the life-blood of Deetron‘€™s studio work. His broad musical palette the bedrock from which a myriad of pleasureful sounds have entertained and held firm fans across the globe.

His second album, which will be released on Music Man Records, finds Deetron in a unique, transitional phase. The vocal element of his music coming to the fore, with Music Over Matter he proves that there is no substitute for substance and skill, putting music firmly back in the frame is the message, and how poignant to today‘€™s tumultuous industry!

With Deetron’s Album project ‘Music Over Matter’ recently landing on Traxsource. He took time out of his busy life to chat about the Album & more in this Exclusive interview.


Sam, firstly, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us how you are feeling right now.

I’m doing fine thanks. Just got back from a rather long weekend and I’m currently in the studio working on a remix for Paul Woolford.

Where does an artist name like ‘Deetron’ emanate from, what’s its meaning & why did you choose it?

It doesn’t have a meaning actually. I needed a stage name for my first ever DJ gig back in the days and was juggling with words until I finally came up with what I thought sounded decent enough.

With your sophomore album entitled ‘Music Over Matter’; What is the main message you are trying to convey to the listeners of this project?

What I’m trying to say with the title is that I would like to see the focus back on the essence, which is the music rather than the many things built around it to supposedly enhance the experience.

You have some great artists featured on the album including; Ben Westbeech, Seth Troxler, Ripperton, and Fritz Kalkbrenner just to rattle off a few. How do these types of collaborations differ from producing solo work?

The creative process is quite different of course as I’d usually send the collaborators a rather basic idea, which they can work with. As soon as I’ve got the vocals, the tracks tend to veer away from the original sketch and I usually end up with a completely different track. I think it’s challenging and inspiring to work with other people’s ideas and try to integrate them in your work.

Any interesting, funny, inspiring, memorable moments during the album process you can share with us?

As most of the cooperation’s happened through the internet there are not that many impromptu moments to be talked about. However I found each and every contribution to be very inspiring and I was very happy to get such great results from all the artists involved.

What are some of your personal favourite cuts from ‘Music over Matter’ and why? Also which ones have been really tearing it up in club land?

My personal favourites are ‘Thinking’, ‘Come away further’ and ‘Insatiable’ as they represent a rather raw side of my production work. ‘Rhythm’ has been going down extremely well in the clubs as well as ‘Rescue’, which I happen to play a lot recently.

Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months and what is next for Deetron?

I’ll be playing gigs on the “Music Over Matter” tour all around Europe with particular highlights being the album launch at Fabric on the 23rd of November and The Warehouse Project on the 14th of December. Furthermore I’m currently working on remixes for Paul Woolford and Glasser and I’m hoping to start work on new material at the beginning of next year.

What’s you’re opinion on the current state of House & Techno?

There is a lot of great music being released these days so I think it’s a very good time for our music. Many young and upcoming producers are bringing a fresh breeze to the scene with their interpretations of classic House and Techno.

Best gig of 2013 so far and why?

There are a few of them actually but Celtronic Festival in Derry was incredible, there was so much energy in that room and the crowd was willing to follow me everywhere musically. I’d have to mention the all night long set at Trouw, the gig at Lux in Lisbon and the 5 hours opening set of Panoramabar in June as well.

Where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

I do a lot of record shopping both online and in actual shops as I’m an avid music lover and keen to be up to date with what’s happening release wise as well.

And finally, what would be your short list of dream collaborations, past or present – dead or alive?

Jamie Lidell, Roy Ayers, D’Angelo

‘Music Over Matter’ out now on Traxsource

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