This Week In Pictures

“Some used hardware? Make your choice…” @chuslesteban (pictured above)

News.Traxsource take a nosey through Instagram (and the like) to get a glimpse of what really goes on in the lives of some of our favorite producers, dj’s and labels whilst out on their worldy adventures. We’ve collected a few of their best pictures and cool discoveries this week to share with you..

“Another great vocal from the DAT vaults. Steve Silk Hurley the man responsible!” @simondunmore1

“Shining vibes in Khabarovsk” @Giomsoundz

“All work no play 13inch loading songs & 15inch finding songs” @djterryhunter

“Lambo Taxi anyone” @roccoraimundo

“@Atjazz #JulliamGomes #Studio #DeepHouseMusic” @julliangom

“History” @chocolatepuma

“I just took a beer from his fridge beer while he was away , I hope this doesnt destroy our friendship LOL” @marckinchen

“I need more info thankz” @djtoddterry

“Check out this lovely picture of almost the entire Exploited Records posse. Made during ADE 12” @homeworkdjs