Exclusive! Mad Mats & Tooli 'Talking House'

It’s all very simple! Mad Mats & Tooli are Local Talk Records and they really like house music.

Local Talk is a record label based on one common factor… For the love! Behind the imprint is world-renowned DJ and club promoter Mad Mats (Raw Fusion / GAMM) and Tooli, who’s a well known DJ in the Stockholm nightlife and for the highly acclaimed 24:HRS parties and blog. In Early 2011, the two of them joined forces and Local Talk is the first step in creating a new platform for their deep love of house music. We sat down with Mats & Tooli recently to chat more about their Local Talk Records and the “Talking House” Vol.3 Compilation which is out now on Traxsource to close out 2013. Watch out… Here they come!

Talking House Vol.3 out now on Traxsource


1) Mats & Tooli, thanks for taking time out chat with us. 2013 has been an incredibly strong year for the label with great releases from Claes Rosen, Kyodai, Dale Howard, Fred Everything, Dirtytwo C.R.S.T. just to name a few. What have been your highlights with the label in 2013 & what keeps you both so motivated?

Yes, not only have 2013 been a truly amazing year for Local Talk but also our busiest by far. We did quick calculation and if we include our OneOffs and 1nce Again sub labels we have released 26 releases this year. If you take in consideration that we also run a few other labels I think its fair to say that we’re two very hard working guys. But we really love what do so its not all hard work, its a great joy to release someone else’s music as well. At the end of the day we’re just two DJs / music connoisseurs that really loves all colours and shapes house music.

Of all the releases this year we would say that these tracks have specula place with us…

Chesus ‘Special’, Art Of Tones ‘The Great Sgatmi’, Dirtytwo remix of HNNYs ‘For The Very First Time’, Claes Rosén ‘Daydreaming’, Henry Rodrick ‘Into The Sun’ (OneOffs#1), Basic Soul Units mixes of Kyodai’s ‘Moving’ and finally the new HNNY single ‘Tears’ which is an amazing piece of house music if you ask us.

2) Your label features a plethora of artists from across the board charting the label’s releases from: Darius Syrossian, Steve Bug, Ian Pooley, Doc Martin, Alexander Robotnic, Alex Niggemann, Adam Port, Homework, Andrea Oliva, Detroit Swindle, Trickski, Milton Jackson and Shur-i-kan just to rattle off a few. Apart from the obvious quality factor, how does a relatively new imprint garnish such established support from some of the biggest names in this game we call house?

Well, we really hope it’s simply due to the quality of music we’ve chosen to put out via Local Talk. We’ve been really lucky that so many amazing house producers have chosen to release their productions through us. But we like to think what makes Local Talk attracting and interesting to both big name and bedroom DJs is the fact that we try to run the label with a strong community factor, anyone who released on Local Talk is part of the brand. Its like an exchange, we get to release artists music and in return they get to be part of the Local Talk brand which now more than ever can be very healthy – Especially if you’re an up and coming house producer.

We also have one important point that we always tried to get across to our buyers. Even though our consumers might not like everything we put out we aim to be that label you always check out when you’re out searching for new house releases. We’ve really work hard to build a musical trust between the buyer and Local Talk.

3) Obviously, each release in the LT catalogue have helped build or in some way attributed to the current success of Local Talk, but from its conception, which single or set of releases do feel really captured the attention of our industry? What are your favourites?

Even though we of course had some key releases like the very first release from Bassfort, HNNYs ‘For the very first time’, Kyodai’s ‘Breaking’ and Dirtytwo’s ‘Moody’ to name a few. But we don’t think it’s been individual tracks or artists that made the Local Talk essence what it is today.

The label is not about pushing one or two artists only but to implement the whole house feel to a wider spectrum of followers. We’ve always said that will never be afraid to aim big but with one golden rule…NEVER NEVER EVER compromise with the music. Its really simple, if doesn’t make us bump in the office its not coming out on Local Talk. You would be surprised on some of the demos we rejected from a few of the biggest names in the business.

But if we had to choose our own personal favourites it would be these…


Tooli: Tough one, Sunday Morning, Moody. I guess I could go with Mats selection but I’ll add

4) I read recently that apart from Sweden’s thriving commercial house music scene, there is an underground niche that is also one to be reckoned with… What do you say?

Yes, it’s really booming over here in Sweden at the moment. Loads DJs, producers and labels from Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg are putting out some really amazing stuff. We’re really proud and happy that Sweden generates so much good stuff these days. Even though most is on the electronic tip we would still say that its very house inspired again which is always healthy. Sweden always had a strong techno scene but I think its getter deeper now…the music in underground music is finally coming back :)

5) You also run two sub-labels apart from Local Talk called ‘1nce Again’ and ‘OneOffs’. Why did you decide to do take the sub-label route so early on? What makes them different?

‘1nce Again’ was just an idea we had right from the start that we should try and recycle some of the house gems we’ve been spinning ourselves over all these years. It’s always good fun to see some of your favourite house tracks get a new face as well. The ‘OneOffs’ series actually came about this year when we realized how many good demos got sent in but that for various reasons didn’t make a full release. So we simple came with the idea to bundle all these tracks together with other single demos we received from other producers in a series. We just finished putting together vol. 4 which will be out early next year and we’ll also sum up the OneOffs series in a full album format later in 2014.

6) What’s it like running Local Talk? And what do you want to accomplish as a record label?

Hard work, listening to a lot of music, drinking way to much coffee and thinking about deadlines – and a lot of laughs.


We put in the hours and work with the label Monday to Friday, besides the distribution – the two of us do everything so it’s not something that runs by itself. It’s been hard work making it to where we are now but at the same time an amazing journey.

Mad Mats

We always talk about what the next step is, what we want to accomplish and so on. Making sure the music released on Local Talk is available around the globe, we want the label to grow but not compromise in terms of changing the style of the music that’s released. Making Local Talk transform into World Talk haha.

7) Talking House Vol.3 is a Various Artist Compilation out now on Traxsource. Is this a soundtrack to Local Talk 2013? Tell us more about it…

It’s a natural progression of what the label sounds like yes…and hopefully it’s something you could listen to 2024 also and enjoy. We wanted to showcase the diversity of the music that’s been released this year, pick a few of our favorites and put them together on one compilation. Its very important for to display that we release all aspects of house music, not just 90s stuff that some people still seems to believe. We’re well aware of the fact that we release a lot of music and in this way, with the Talking House Compilations, it’s a good introduction to the labels recent output.

8) Where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Local Talk supports all formats and the digital market has been very good for us. Traxsource has been there from the beginning supporting Local Talk and all good house music so we’re very grateful and humbled by the attention we received from Traxsource.

9) Tell your fans some interesting Mats & Tooli facts they may not know about you both…

Tooli: I went to culinary school and have worked as a chef, I really enjoy listening to extreme metal and used to play it myself for many years. Besides running Local Talk I’m booking DJs and bands to a bar here in Stockholm called Tranan, we’ve had everyone from Prins Thomas to Superpitcher playing and lot’s of local legends of course, I’m there every week so you’re most welcome to come by.

Mats: I’m a full time junior soccer coach with my kids team, big Arsenal fan, gym freak, ex Swedish b-boy champ (1985), used to run Raw Fusion Recordings back in the day (and some other labels), have traveled the world digging for rare soul, funk, jazz, latin & brazilian records. Oh, I play a game of FIFA 13 (X-box) almost every day in the office and I’m pretty good…just reached div 1 last week ;)

10) And finally, with 2014 around the corner, what’s up next for Local Talk?

A lot, the focus is of course on releasing great house music. 2014 is the fourth year for Local Talk and possibly the most exciting so far. Besides the usual rounds of 12”s and digi releases there’s also artist albums coming and we’re working on a new compilation series which will start with HNNY picking favorites from the label catalogue. We’re also looking into doing more Local Talk label parties around the globe with our key artists. We’ve done a few so far and the response has been really amazing. We also just signed what could be a big summer hit for Local Talk, really excited about this one. But you’ll have to wait until the summer for that one haha.

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Interview conducted by Chris Mackay for Traxsource