Exclusive! Supernova 'Best Of 10 Years' Interview

The Italian house duo celebrate 10 years of productions and remixes with this new collection.

Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition from rising stars to established international talent. Childhood friends from their native Florence, the Supernova project was formed back in 2003 after a chance reunion in Milan at a party, since when Supernova have gone on to create an incredible array of house music anthems.

The Best of Supernova – A Celebration 2003-2013 is a landmark compilation from the Italian house duo; a comprehensive collection of some of their greatest studio moments.

As well as dusting off some hidden gems – many of which are available digitally for the first time on this compilation – Supernova have also produced some brand new and exclusive music. Especially noteworthy is an as-yet unreleased single ‘R.L.H’ which the duo recorded alongside Inner City’s legendary singer Ann Saunderson, a collaboration about which they are understandably extremely proud.

We caught up with Supernova to chat about 10 years in the game, their new ‘The Best of’ collection & much more in this EXCLUSIVE! interview.

Supernova Interview

1) Emiliano and Giacomo, thanks for taking time to chat with us again. We are here to talk about you’re upcoming ‘Supernova – The Best Of 10 Years’ album which includes a massive 45 track compilation highlighting the last decade of your incredible career. What can we expect to hear on this collection? What surprises to you have in store for us? Tell us all about the concept…

10 years of making music together at a good level is a thing we’re very proud of today. At same time we’re very excited looking at all the important goals we’ve set for our selves in the next coming years. It’s also amazing looking back at what we’ve done in all those years and trying to make a balance between things we’ve done well and those we can improve and do better. For the first time with this project we had the opportunity to collect all the music we’ve done in 10 years and spread it out to the world, including tracks and productions from our earlier years of our career, really underground gems that were hidden. In the collection you can also find our brand new single “R.L.H” featuring the legendary Ann Saunderson (inner city). It was a pleasure and honour to work with her for a couple of days in the studio face to face. We came up with many ideas and the first one we’ve finished is “R.L.H” but stay tuned, more to come! With this project we are finally ready to give that “global vision” about Supernova that we’ve always aimed to show the people a 360-degree journey through all the musical styles and genres, which we’ve been influenced from in our life and career.

2) So December 2013 marks the 10 year anniversary of the DJ/Producer duo Supernova, when did you guys really feel like “we made it” (as they say), the moment(s) that really solidified your career?

First of all the day we decided to start the Supernova project because both of us wanted to invest all our single career and energy believing in a new bigger adventure.

Then of course the moments we came up with our first 2 albums “Afterbeach 2003” and “Downtown Underground 2007”. We got a lot of great feedback on those. The birth of our label Lapsus Music was another great moment and the day we started our collaboration with Defected, a label we’ve loved since the beginning of our careers. Also the honour of getting chance to remix some of the biggest house music classics and the day we created ‘beat me back’ with Kevin Saunderson at N1

3) What keeps you both motivated after all this time? Tell us about the highs and the lows…

Our primary dream has always been to celebrate at least 20 years of our career so we hope to be here again talking with a 20 year Supernova anniversary. Of course this job has never been an easy one and we have pushed hard to be where we are now, but this is just a new beginning for us. We want build a strong project with our label Lapsus Music, discover some new talent and a lot of great music. But most of all we aim to always be here enjoying our life, producing music and DJing around the world.

4) What cuts from “The Best Of 10 Years” album compilation are your personal favorites and why?

It’s hard to choose because all where made with great passion for the music & we are always trying to give our best in the studio. It was very difficult to select those 45 tracks from our big catalogue, so the only answer really is all these tracks are our favourites!

5) Tell us how Traxsource fits into your overall agenda for Supernova and Lapsus?

Traxsource is the first download store we discovered after the Supernova project was born 10 years ago and it’s still there supporting great underground house music. We always check it and find something different from other places. It’s a really important platform for both Supernova and Lapsus Music to develop our projects.

6) Where can your fans catch you in club land this month for NYE?

We have organized 4 parties to celebrate the album release

  • Dec 20th 4Cento (Milan)
  • Dec. 25 Tenax – Nobody’s Perfect (Florence)* and *Jan 4th Duel Beat (Naples).

At same time on Dec 27th we start our end of the year Asia tour and we’ll be Dec 27th Lola (Shanghai)* / Dec 28th Townhouse (Bali)* and NYE at Kyo in Singapore.

7) What are the Supernova and Lapsus plans for 2014?

Regarding Supernova we have a new release coming our on Defected probably in March, a new EP on Lapsus Music, some remixes for Noir Music, Electronique and Glasgow Underground, but first of all we are working on our third album that hopefully we’ll be ready for September 2014! On the Lapsus Music side we have big project coming up for next year with releases and remixes from Noir, Audiowhores, Jay West, Leftwig & Kody, Mihalis Safras, Audio Junkies, Dj Le Roi as well as Cristian Viviano, Alvaro Smart and a new Talents (Vol 7) compilation.

Supernova The Best Of 10 Years Out Now

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