Exclusive! Ann Saunderson Interview

We caught up with the legendary Ann Saunderson to chat about her collaboration with Supernova, Detroits Future & much more in this EXCLUSIVE! interview.

1) The “R.L.H.” track features you on the upcoming Supernova Ten Year album – that has already been getting major support from the likes of Giom, Hector Romero, Chus & Cheballos, Felix Da Houscat, Nice7, Jay West, Boris, Mark Knight, Luzernkirchen and the Audiowhores. Tell us more about the project and the track title: Repect, Love, Humanity…

We came up with 4 or 5 songs, in the space of 48hrs. The vibe of the studio & the music that the boys came up with helped with the lyrical content. R.L.H. is for anybody who has loved with there heart, had it broken and the person doing the breaking not being sensitive to what’s gone on.

2) We’re intrigued. Will we ever be invited to hear this awesome cut as a live performance? Tell us how you hooked up with Supernova for this…

I’d like to think that there is a great possibility of me doing a live performance of R.L.H with Supernova in 2014. It would be amazing I think. It’s actually a nice story. Firstly we share the same Publisher, (Defected) I was in a meeting with my Manager Judy Nanton and Tom LaTorre a list of people I wanted to work with and Supernova were on that list. I never actually thought it would happen it was so short notice, but the boys were up for it so we made it happen. Next thing I know, I’m on a flight headed to Milan…the rest is history!

3) This year we actually did an interview with your husband Kevin Saunderson (an undisputed pioneer of techno) and your son’s Dantiez & Damraii – who have also chosen to pursue their passion of music. It’s seems everything has come full circle… How do you explain practically your entire family being immersed in this music we love to dance to?

Firstly my three boys Damraii, Dantiez and the youngest Diaz, are the most important people in my life and knowing the hard road that most of us are hit with when it comes to the world of music, trust me, Kevin & I did nothing to encourage that path. But, we never deterred them from it either. You have to imagine being a kid though and going to sleep with music being recorded & sometimes that same session would continue on into the morning time when I would have to get the boys ready for school! We would always be working on music. It’s quite funny, Damarii’s music reminds me of Kevin’s sound when I first met him, experimental and funky, Dantiez sounds like Kevin now, but with a twist that’s his own, Diaz is also experimenting around with music, I’m guessing he will be making music for a whole new generation of Techno lovers…with a hint of his Dad’s influence thrown in for good measure!

4) You have collabed’ with the some of the best of them, with groups like Inner City, Reese Project, Kaos, Audiowhores, Joey Negro, SLAM, Michael Gray, Octave One and more recently, the duo of the moment – Supernova. With all the great music you’ve been involved with over the years – what are some of the highlights & why?

That’s a great question. The Reese Project holds a special place in my heart, as it was one of the first projects where I was one of the main songwriters of the whole album, along with Kevin. Together we collaborated on ‘Color Of Love’ ‘Direct Me’ & ‘I Believe’ to name a few. ‘Definition Of Love’ was my very first single under the Kaos Pseudonym, so that was another highlight. How could I not mention working with the legendary Octave One and ‘Blackwater’. That track will always be special. Last but not least Supernova of course, this is a highlight because they gave me the freedom to write outside of my normal comfort zone. We worked on a track called “Fictional Story”, it was just Giac playing piano and me throwing lyrics out and lo and behold it became a song that I am very proud of. Plus Emi & Giac are super nice guys. It was a pleasure working with them.

5) The legendary Saunderson name is somewhat synonymous with Detroit techno. Do you currently reside there? What’s your take on the city’s challenging economic times? On the brighter side, it seems the music scene is robust as ever – with exploding festivals like DEMF seem to help once again put Detroit on the music map as city not to be reckoned with…

Sadly no, I do not reside in Detroit anymore. Though it holds special memories for me, all 3 of my sons were born there. It was very interesting to watch Dantiez DJ at the DEMF this past summer I looked around at all the people surrounding the various stages. Every nationality was represented I think. Plus to see how the event has grown from what it was into what it is today is a blessing for the city. Detroit will be back on top again, unfortunately it’s still in the midst of rebuilding and that takes time.

6) Tell us something our readers and your fans might not know about you.

Though many people think that I am from Detroit, I am originally from Birmingham England.

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