Traxsource Presents New Music Tuesday (December 24th, 2013)

Traxsource presents The 12 hottest releases of the week, right here with New Music Tuesday July 23rd, 2013.

We kick of procedings with the #1 selection. Kaytronik’s amazing new EP via Atjazz Record Company Definately deserves it’s place at the top.

Whats Hot This Week

1. Kaytronik – Komplements EP (Atjazz Record Company)

‘Komplements EP”, is Karizma’s first EP for Arco. “Belined” as you may expect is all about its deep down and dirty bassline. A hypnotic rhythm underlined by soothing pads with a beautiful, yet subtle vocal hook which gets that iconic Karizma cut and paste deal. “I Got It Bad” is a floor filler oozing with that super deep tech house sound that only Kaytronik can muster, a contagious chord-like synth that gets your head bopping uncontrollably. This, coupled with the groove riddled bassline will get you nodding like the Churchill dog (Ooooh yes!).‘Komplements EP”, is Karizma’s first EP for Arco. “Belined” as you may expect is all about its deep down and dirty bassline. A hypnotic rhythm underlined by soothing pads with a beautiful, yet subtle vocal hook which gets that iconic Karizma cut and paste deal. “I Got It Bad” is a floor filler oozing with that super deep tech house sound that only Kaytronik can muster, a contagious chord-like synth that gets your head bopping uncontrollably. This, coupled with the groove riddled bassline will get you nodding like the Churchill dog (Ooooh yes!). Karizma wanted to create a bigger sound for this release so he bounced out the parts in his Baltimore studio and flew to the UK to meet Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson at The Paddocks ( which is a professional recording studio owned and run by Ross ‘Magic Number’ Hillard. Karizma and Atjazz worked at the studio for 2 days eating, drinking, mixing and mastering two of the fattest tracks on the ARCo. Catalogue to date. Definitely one for the pouch that will surely get any dancefloor dripping with sweat!

2. Kaa San – Give It A Go E.P. (Mjuzieekal Education Digital)

This is the second E.P. by Kaa San that we have signed a while ago, and as the first one, released a few weeks ago, again it continues two cracker’s of a track, that should work great on your floors. “Give It Up” is a synth driven Oldskool Houser with a huge piano breakdown, that makes you feel way back to the earloy 19ies, only with a 2014 production! Massive! “Let You Go” is slightly deeper, bass driven territory, with a cool vocal sample, though still funky enough to drive things along nicely!
Enjoy this trip! Oldskool rules!

3. Tracy Brathwaite – Smile (Honeycomb Music)

Just in time for the Holidays, Tracy Brathwaite’s long awaited debut single on Honeycomb Music has arrived. Forthcoming from her debut 12” vinyl release, Tracy brings a fantastic splash of soul, disco and dance with this endearing and touching vocal! “Smile” is a perfect fit with Honeycomb’s Happy releases and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time and we love Tracy!

Already championed by hugely talented producers and DJs such as Joe Claussell, Anna Komninou and Grammy award winner Louie Vega (Roots NYC, WBLS Radio New York,) “Smile” is produced by Honeycomb Music’s own Josh Milan and written by Tracy amd Josh. Collaboration = Masterpiece!

4. Princeton Rejects – Changes E.P (Liberated)

Liberated’s debut release, “Changes” EP by Princeton Rejects sets out to create a standard for what we plan to offer in the near future.
Straightforward house music that makes you move. No filler, just solid beats and melodies.

Princeton Rejects, a new musical journey by acclaimed dance producer Ian Carey fulfills this mantra with this 3 track EP.
The title track “Changes” reaches back to late 90’s soulful house and adds a bit of shiny new school deep house flair.
The second track on the EP, “Still in Love” goes a bit further back through dance music history and grabs a bit of influence here and there along its way, while the final track “The Thesis” holds a strong late 80s/early 90s hip-house influence with a future twist.

This EP proves that the past and the future can merge happily together into a warm and blissful melange.

5. Markus Emig – Love Dancin’ (Let’s Play Music)

6. Jesse Jackson – Crack The Code (Remixes By Louie Vega & Soul Clap) (Vega Records)

Vega Records CRACK THE CODE featuring Jesse Jackson, released earlier this month has already captured the attention of masses around the world including none other then Soul Clap.
Named as one of Resident Advisers Top 100 DJs SOUL CLAP is infamous for forward thinking and innovative productions which they clearly demonstrate in both REMIXES of CRACK THE CODE. Soul Claps remixes offer up funky twists to the multi-faceted vocals of Jesse Jackson showcase brilliant skills in the studio and an amazing manipulation of instruments across the board!
Two remixes that appeal to the smooth and the staccato, the Soul Clap Remix keeps close to the sexy smooth in all of us and the Swampy Mix appeals to the edgy for the dark side music lovers. One thing is certain…. SOULCLAP’s REMIXES will have you feeling soulful, funky and free all at the same time so take a listen and enjoy the musical journey Soul Clap, Jesse Jackson and Louie Vega provide with these latest remixes of CRACK THE CODE.

Louie Vega’s relentless pursuit to introduce new music to the always evolving sound of House Music has brought him full circle to yet another sure fire hit across the world’s dance floors!
CRACK THE CODE featuring Jesse Jackson is a track that offers something for the most selective Dj to the dancer and everyone in between. Jesse Jackson originally wrote the track in a creative fit, singing the lyrics and playing guitar for it as well. “Between Jesse’s voice, his guitar playing, the lyrics and the mix of blues and rock, I immediately loved the song” Louie said. Louie then started building the track up with drums and slowly adding analogue keyboard layers and various elements finding a balanced sound to compliment the lyrics and Crack The Code came to be.

Thanks to a chance introduction by Carmel Ophir, Miami’s Club Vagabond owner who is also a mutual and dear friend to both Louie & Jesse with his well tuned ear for great musical talent, the two artists took his suggestion of a collaboration to heart and started exploring music together. Once Louie and Jesse came together in the studio the track took on a life of its own. “Seeing a dance floor explode with excitement as CRACK THE CODE blared from the speakers was an amazing experience” said Jesse Jackson as he recalls one of the first times Louie tested out the track at the Dance Ritual Event at the Vagabond to a packed house. Louie Vega gave Jesse the opportunity to express himself in a different genre and once they got into the music Crack The Code’s lyrics and energy were electrifying and various dance frenzied mixes were created for all to enjoy!
Your all invited to listen to the lyrics that apply to as Jesse puts it, “THE CODE OF LIFE” set to a distinct rhythm that speaks to the inner souls of each of us. These two music makers are no where near done so stayed tuned for new and innovative songs and tracks to come!

7. DJ Satellite, Aurson – Buya U Kina (Kazukuta Records)

8. A Lister – Problems / Truthful (Love Not Money Records)

Next up on Love Not Money is an EP from hot property A Lister (Alex Lister), a 24 year old House Producer from Bradford who initially featured on LNM earlier this year with a sterling remix of Ali Scott’s ‘Dream Machine’. Alex first caught the attention of House fans the world over when his debut release ‘Your Soul’ entered the Traxsource Top 20. Moving forward Alex has since had several Top 10’s and a Deep House #1 spot under his belt, plus plays on Radio1, Kiss FM and Rinse. With this rate of consistency it’s easy to see why his productions are fast becoming sought after, and why his name is becoming synonymous with good quality house music.

Now he lands back on the label with his own EP. The raw combination of prime time jacking grooves, heavy basslines, classic house sounds and the catchy vocal sample of lead track ‘Problems’ alongside the more laid-back, late-night style of the B-Side ‘Truthful’ perfectly demonstrates why he’s being held in such high regard by his peers.

On remix duties there’s help from two more talented individuals in the form James Dexter & Scott Forshaw. James is no stranger to the scene with releases on ‘Lost My Dog’, ‘Large Music’ and many more established labels. His remix of ‘Problems’ takes on a more underground approach as he turns out a deeper, stripped back work-out with a steam roller of a bass-line and tough swinging percussion. Add that to the tightly cut vocal hook’s and you’ve got yourself a slammer of a remix. Scott Forshaw another young artist who’s no stranger to success working under the alias hausJacker. He’s back producing under his birth name and rounds up the remixes with a classic Organ House workout!

9. Kenny Summit – Join The World Today (Good For You Records)

The buzz around this release started during the 2013 Amsterdam Dance Event and has snowballed, making JOIN THE WORLD TODAY one of the most desired bootlegs of the year. FINALLY, the original is available in a high quality WAV that is sure to knock your socks off. KENNY SUMMIT has had an epic year with a dozen underground hits that have come out one right after another. This newest release features a uniquely balanced string arrangement complimented by a haunting vocal and a driving baseline. Yet another example of what a producer with 20 years of DJ experience can bring to the table. This track is pure FIRE!

10. Full Intention – I’ll Be (Blu Fin Records)

Full Intention are finally back in 2013. We are proud to have them on board. Gray and Jon Pearn need no introductions. Spreading their dominating sound for the last 15 years they have been a pioneering force on the global dance music scene. The pair has secured a seemingly non-stop string of successful releases and remixes, escalating the twosome of true global status. They produced numerous huge club and charts hits, nearly all of them became all-time classics. Their sound had a great impact on the whole scene and influenced many other big producers. I´ll Be is a groovy deep house smasher with a chunky hook. You have to dance! The Original is supported by two remixes. dubspeeka combines techno industrial elements with a deep bassline and totally new atmosphere for the hook. The remix of Amberstar is a more reduced dub version with a relaxed sounding. Thanks Full Intention for joining us.

11. Sweet X Sour – Try Me (Blockheadz Recordingz)

Released by FukiFlex and Bacanito, this duo composed of a French Vietnamese and a Colombian/Canadian/Swiss offer us House Music with touches of dance, urban and World Music, influenced by their respective cultures. Their first release on Blockheadz, TRY ME, is a piece where the duo expressed their love for house music, one which is, emotional, timeless and make your feet want to move. This is a song that will bring back memories, especially for those in their thirties, but will also make you groove & dance, no matter how old you are. Also found on this single, 2 remixes by Parisian duo GRAND MASTERS (aka HB / LC), proud to launch Blockheadz, namely with their remix project of Disco classics. A single that will delight fans of Dance Music, Breakbeat, R & B and Soul-Jazz.

12. Will Clarke, Karlos Cheadle – Push It Well (Maquina Music)

Adding further weight to his Maquina Music discography, Will Clarke returns with Whartone Records’ mainstay Karlos Cheadle. Together they bring us ‘Push It Down’, a sublime house groove that’s certain to get your ass shakin’.