This Week In Pictures

“A high point at sea in 2013 – thanks Gavin Kendrick – all the best for 2014 x”
@Atjazz (pictured above)

Traxsource News bring you this week’s pictorial round-up of what really goes on in the lives of some of our beloved producers, dj’s and labels whilst out on their travels…


“Another amazing night for this Asian tour! Thanks to all the people Who come down at kyo last night in Singapore for the Nye party, was super!! C u next Time.” @Supernova

Culoe De Song

“Thought I should take the last “#SELFIE” for 2013 … Celebrating the biggest word of 2013!!! All hail great “SELFIE” !!! #GoodBye2013” @Culoe De Song

Catz N Dogz

“Looks like flying in nye is not popular ;) happy 2014 everybody!!!!” @Catz N Dogz

Scott Diaz

“No explanation needed. Re-gram from #traxsource” @Scott Diaz

Chocolate Puma

“Just bought this” @Chocolate Puma

Detroit Swindle

“Don’t mind us, just doing some last minute business in our overseas office… #peterborough #bullshotel #redrooms” @detroitswindle

Sandy Rivera

“at de fotomeisjes — at AIR Amsterdam.” @Sandy Rivera


“Happy new year everybody :)” @Giom

Shadow Child

“Not all freaked out at the sudden welcome change of logic’s eq..” @Shadow Child

DJ Mes

“The most badass boombox. Ha!” @DJ Mes

Dale Howard

“Me showing everyone at mUmU my armpit” @Dale Howard


“Heyyyy what are you F# doing here!!.. #cedrineloulou #franbortolossi #sundance” @Kolombo

JR From Dallas

“Yesterday Was Sick !!!” @JR From Dallas

Shlomi Aber

“After 3 weeks on the roads.. We Finally back home.” @shlomiaber

Danny Daze

“3 hour delay to Cancun. Bring out the schematics.” @Danny Daze

Scott Wozniak

“Anybody remember these Casio KX-101 boomboxes from the early ’80s with built-in keyboard? I kinda want one again” @Scott Wozniak