Nick Curly Exclusive Interview

1. Nick – thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are right now.

Hello, life is good. At the moment I´m on holiday, somewhere in the Mountains in Germany. I´m taking a few weeks off  after NYE and the BPM Festival to reload my batteries & to start fully charged in the new season.

2. Obviously, the topic for today is new Defected Compilation “Nick Curly In The House”; Tell us in your words a little bit about this Comp, how it came to be and what you were trying to convey to your listeners…

Oh yes I´m really excited and a bit nervous today cause of the release date.
Regarding the two mixes; to be honest there isn’t a big difference between the two of them. First I planned to do a house and Techno mix as this is the music I play in clubs and I also really like to play Techno sometimes, but then I thought the compilation is on Defected which is the biggest House Label we have in this business, and a Techno mix wouldn’t fit on here. Also I really only like to listen to Techno in clubs and not on compilations. So that´s why I decided to do house sets on the comp.

‘Nick Curly In The House’ out now at Traxsource

3. Tell us a little bit about you & Defected, there seems to be an interesting relationship there.

Yes we’ve work together for two years now. Defected had signed and re-released my album “Between The Lines”. Since that time we have a good relationship which I feel very happy about. Also I’ve played some great gigs with them in Ibiza, Ministry and some other cool clubs around the globe.

4. Let’s talk about your own imprints; Cecille and 8bit – What’s new & what’s next?

On Cecille we just released our 6 year compilation, it´s for now the final release on the label as we gonna take a break. Me and my partner Marc decided on that move last year as these days its not possible to run two good labels at the same time anymore. So my full concentration is now fully on 8Bit Records, where we have great upcoming releases from guys like Tuccillo, Johnny D, Snilloc and many more.

5. With so much traveling, gigs, running your own brand of labels and solo music production – just how do you find the time to make it all work?

Sometimes, especially in the summer it´s really hard. There is not much time for studio work. I try to do most of my productions now at the beginning of the year. Also I must say I have a great team of people working together with me, that helps a lot.

6. Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months?

My next gigs are in Kiev Ukraine, and mostly Europe. In March I´m gonna be in Mexico , Toronto and WMC where I’ll be doing my second “Trust” event at the Pickle.

7. What’s you’re opinion on the current state of House music?

On one point i would say, house and electronic music is on it´s highest level at the moment, but on the other side I must say I miss the real house music , like the old good house tracks, that we had on Strictly and Defected back in the days.

8. Best gig of 2014 so far and why?

Best gigs so far where with Defected at Ministry and on Jan 2 at the Weekend club in Berlin. I had so much fun there and it was an amazing crowd. Couldn’t believe that the club was still so busy on Jan 2 in Berlin and the crowd was rocking like hell.

9. Where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Traxsource is for me the platform where I can buy my quality house music.
I´m really happy to have platforms like this who care about the quality.

10. And finally, what would be your short list of dream collaborations, past or present – dead or alive?

Would love to do a track with Rosin Murphy, as I´m really into her voice.

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Interview conducted by Chris Mackay for Traxsource