John Julius Knight - My Favorite Machine

Welcome to ‘My Favorite Machine’ where artists provide insight into one indispensable piece of studio gear & why they use it.

House legend John Julius Knight opens up our first feature with his selection…

1. What’s your favorite piece of gear in the studio?

My favorite gear at the moment would be Native Instrument Maschine and my newly acquired Uad Apollo Twin.

2. Why do you love it & what makes it special?

Well to be honest I didn’t like Maschine until they came out with version 2.0 it has better swing than its predecessor, a sidechain input and it sounds tighter. Like my old hardware ASR10 & SP1200. I’ve been a UAD user from day one but it was an old PCI version and once I switched over to Mac I was not able to use it. Obviously now UAD has made an audio interface. With the plugins I’ve invested in the past 10 yrs, I am able to use all my favorite analog compressors, Reverb, and Eq without stressing my CPU. This is the best investment I’ve made in years.

3. Tell us 1-3 tracks you used it on?

Most of my tracks past years I used Maschine

1) Hustle & Flow

2) Something

3) UniDisco

My latest Blacklist release I used Uad

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