5 things you don't know about DJ Smash

Welcome to ’5 things you don’t know about…’ where artists provide just that & share interesting things about themselves.

DJ Smash opens up our first feature…

Since 1989, Native New Yorker DJ Smash has surfed the ups and downs of the music business while inspiring disruption and innovation within established genres by hacking his own brew of club music. Hunter has lived up to his name and smashed boundaries.

Having played various roles in the industry (remixer, producer. label founder, a&r consultant and concert and club dj) Smash has produced over 50 released remixes of various artists, He’s been included on several major label remix compilations as well as numerous original productions on indie labels Smash has worked either in the studio or in concert with musical legends Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Guru’s Jazzmatazz featuring Donald Byrd among many others.

  • 1) People seem surprised when they finally meet me and see I’m not a white Russian guy.
  • 2) I like anyone who can take (or tell) a joke, Steely Dan, French films , California sunsets, biographies, dark chocolate, VINYL.
  • 3) I enjoy playing guitar, traveling, I am a lifelong vinyl collector & like making cookies.
  • 4) I have a couple of secret alias’s that i have produced music under. Really, an open secret…
Transphonic (Talking Loud, Nu Groove and Eightball Records), Mudfly, 
Jazz Not Jazz Massive,
 Bedroom Boys (New Breed),
 Yardboy (New Breed),
 Brooklyn Classic.
  • 5) I use to be a Professional killer (actually, exterminator of bugs, rats and other vermin). It was depressing, so I got into the music business. I thought it would be different.

DJ Smash latest release ‘Moonlighting’ is out now on Traxsource