5 things you don't know about The Black 80s

The Black 80s are Hollis P Monroe (who’s been making house music since 1994 & has releases on respected labels including Ovum, Defected, West End, Stickman & Soul Candi) and talented vocalist, producer Overnite. The duo have made a big impression on the House community with releases on Freerange, Compost Black Label, air london and N A U as well as stand-out collaborations with Rampa for Keinemusik, KiNK & Sierra Sam for Upon You Recordings, Nhan Solo for Mother Recordings and Marc DePulse for Noir Music. With their latest release ‘Move On’ via Freerange dropping on Traxsource we get Hollis & Overnite to reveal 5 things about them you probably don’t know.

The 5 things you don’t know.

  • 1) Overnite: I am currently studying to become a luthier. (Google it!) I have a deep passion for wooden instruments and carpentry. I have a collection of over 20 vintages guitars, and although piano is the first instrument I ever learned, I ended up falling in love with the guitar when I got my first one at age twelve.
  • 2) Hollis: I grew up listening to Hip Hop and I absolutely did not like House music. I used to break and pop back in the day so I did listen to a little Electro, Detroit Techno and stuff from Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk, etc. Once I got to university, I started going to raves and I got into Breakbeats, Acid and Industrial. It basically took me a long, long time to mature into House.
  • 3) Overnite: The year 2014 is my official 25th year as a performing vocalist. Not that I’m old, it’s just that I started young… Old is kinda the new young anyway, right? I actually started with my very first band named Tuniq’s, and our music style was somewhere between hardcore, ska and hip hop.
  • 4) Hollis: I go back and forth on whether I feel comfortable referring to myself as “straight edge” but I don’t drink, smoke or do any drugs. In fact, I’ve never been intoxicated in my entire life. That includes my time as a hardcore raver and all my years working clubs as a barback, a bartender and a dj. And as of two years ago, I’m vegan on top of it.
  • 5) Overnite: Hollis won’t tell ANYONE, including his partner in crime, what the P stands for in his name! What he doesn’t know is that I’m really close to figuring it out: It’s either Philip, Peterson, Panther, Philomenus or Phenomenal Prick for not telling me!

The Black 80s latest release ‘Move On’ is out now on Traxsource