Room Control In 5 Records

First formed by Dave C in 2004, Room Control Records started life by releasing several tracks from DJ Romain and KORT. This was followed by DJ Spen and The Muthafunkaz remixing KORT’s “Saxed Up” seeing the Room Control label finding its way onto many compilation albums. During this time Dave C met and formed a long-standing working friendship with DJ Romain and together they produced several tracks released on both Nu Faze and Room Control with DJ Romain also remixing for the label.

After taking a break from 2007-2012 Dave returned to the studio with DJ Romain, recording “Up and Down”, with a host of DJ’s remixing it, including Jon Cutler and Jovonn. Dave then re-launched the label with a string of releases from some of the biggest names in House music, ranging from Rhemi, Sean McCabe, and Groove Assassin, to Kyodai and Nacho Marco. During this time he also formed his own Deep House act Seascape with colleague Alex Toms, and has been recording with Dawn Tallman and Taliwa, and remixing for Ultra Nate, Monique Bingham (Sir Piers), Barbara Tucker and Albert Menendez.

Now on its 30th release the label has gone from strength to strength, with 2014 seeing them merge with Quantize Recordings. And with DJ Spen and Thommy Davis taking the reins, the Room Control label is looking stronger than ever.

Room Control 5 definitive trax…

“It’s been very hard to pick just 5 records that have influenced the label as all the tracks have taken us on a journey in one way or another.” Dave C (founder of Room Control Records)

1. Jovonn – Blues House

I first met Jovonn back in 2006 whilst visiting New York and we found ourselves DJ’ing together in Franks Lounge, Brooklyn. When I first heard this track , I thought ‘yes, we need this on the label’ and within hours it was signed. It launched Room Control Records straight on the map; being charted by Louie Vega, Sean McCabe, Souldynamics, and DJ Marcius amongst others. Recently, DJ Spen told me it brought Room Control to his attention, as he never stopped playing it. This also became the first remix under the Seascape name.

2. DJ Romain / Dave C – Cause it’s Alright

Musical mentor and close friend DJ Romain put this track together whilst staying at my home in London back in 2006 where he became a house guest every summer. Taking samples from the Cymanda’ hit “Bra” and percussion from in house drummer Manos Beats De Vyne we got Sinbad to lay some keys down and put out a demo. Mr V loved it, so when we put it out on the Room Control label it was only natural that we would ask him to remix it.

3. Neil Pierce and Ziggy Funk ft Kele Le Roc – Friends

After being introduced to Neil and Ziggy in the summer of 2012, Room Control signed the first of 4 records from the duo under both the Rhemi and Rokaz name. Later, Neil introduced us to Alessio Fabrizi from IPM (International Promoters Meeting) which led to the label going out to Rome for the pool party/IPM weekend. It was here, the idea of Quantize and Room Control working together was formed, and also the Kenny Bobien/Sean McCabe single “With all my Might” was finalised and signed.

4. Sean McCabe and Groove Assassin – Box Drop EP

During our first outing to ADE in 2012, we had Sean McCabe and Groove Assassin do a set at the Room Control party, and the idea of doing an EP for the label was born. The record became a big seller, being charted by Tony Humphries, DJ Spen, Joey Negro, Frankie Knuckles, and DJ Spinna amongst others. Since then Sean and Nick have become regulars at room control HQ releasing, remixing and playing at the second party in ADE. They will also be doing a 4 hour set at Noisily Festival ( this summer where Room Control will be hosting the Tree House stage on Friday.

5. Urban Sound Lab Ft Selina Campbell – Nothing New

Curtis Kirtland (USL) was first introduced to Room Control through Toni Economedies whilst the track was being recorded at his studio in North London. On first listening we loved it and it was immediately signed. This has also been the track that first brought Room Control and Quantize together with the second remix package from Phil Asher coming out on Quantize.

Room Control Records at ‘Brighton Music Conference’ – 11th April 2014 with DJ Spen, Phil Asher and BookerT, live PA from Lifford Shillingford.

Room Controls latest release ‘With All My Might’ out now on Traxsource