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Quantize Recordings is the brain child of Baltimore (US) based veteran house producers DJ Spen & Thommy Davis. Conceived in 2012 with the sole purpose of releasing soulful, gospel, underground and everything in between, their label quickly gained attention with great tracks from the likes of N’dinga Gaba, Marc Evans, Yass, Barbara Tucker & Ziggy Funk to name a few.

Here are 5 Releases past and present that have shaped the Quantize Imprint

Quantize Recordings 5 definitive trax…

1. Marc Evans “Until You” N’Dinga Gaba, DJ Spen, & Marc Evans

Branching off from Code Red Records with their own label in February 2012, Quantize first release was the first collaboration with N’Dinga Gaba. Having success on CR with his releases “My Heart Remembers”, and “The Way You Love Me” with the same production team of Gary Hudgins, Irv Madden, Dj Spen and Thommy Davis, Marc made the transition smooth and set the label for its first in many ways. Marc is the new voice of a classic R&B soul and the dance world loves him for it. He croons like no other and we were proud to have him be the first release for the launching of the new label. N’Dinga’s original track centered the release with its thumping tracks and ebbing and flowing in the groove. It had everything you could want. We got full support from DJs around the world such as Danny Clarke, Mr. V, Black Koffee, Layabouts, Danny Kravit, Groove Assasins, Kiko Nivarro, Spellband, Brian Tappert, Richard Earnshaw and many more.

2. Ziggy Funk & Taliwa “What You Are Afraid Of”

This was released in late summer of 2012 and saw the No.1 slot for weeks. The release showcased Ziggy’s flair for great soulful dance music coupled with Taliwa ‘s sultry soulful vocals. The release had multiple mixes including an amazing Ian Friday Libation mix, Alexander Newtron ‘s Elektrik mix, and Spen & Thommy’s Disco remixes. Reminiscent of a classic Sylvester song including live party session tracks, this took the dance floors by storm with Gary Hudgins’ driving disco re-interpretation and extra background work including Sheila Ford this made the release a crown in the label’s history. With support from renowned DJs like Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge, Joey Negro, Ted Patterson, Marlon D, Evan Landes, Master Kev, Marques Wyatt and many more it dominated the chart for weeks.

3. Tracy Hamlin “Never Too Much”

Tracy had already released “Drive Me Crazy” and “Got To Be Strong” on Quantize with great success, and we knew we were striving for an LP for her. When we heard her version of Never Too Much” we were instantly compelled. There are “covers” and then there are “Covers”. Tracy Hamlin (Co producer and artist) sang this cover of a Luther Vandross song with so much style and respect on her previous self produced LP that when we heard the song it was easy to imagine a dance version of it. Tracy respectfully delivers a vocal interpretation that compliments the original. At the beginning of the release, the hard critics expected little from a Luther cover, but with one listen everyone could hear that this one does it with style and homage. Her dazzling vocals perform soulful acrobatic deliveries without interrupting the flow of the song. With the class and composition of Phil Davis, the original production needed nothing. We decided to add more dance composition to the original and added Gary Hudgins to embellish on it and you get a project that is powerful and entrenched with musicians with notable historic backgrounds and interpretations. Add in remixes and reproductions from legendary John Morales, and contemporary Soulful Edge and you have a incredible multi genre release that appeals to all audiences. Besides, the immediate add to radio play around the globe, the list of notable jocks that supported this release is lengthy. Djs such as: Booker T, Danny Krivit, Mike Dunn, Tyree Cooper, Victor Simmonelli, Reel People, Luis Radio, Groove Assassins, Benji Candelario , Mark Stone, Richard Earnshaw, Risk Sound System, CJ Mackintosh and Tony Humphries.

4. Dawn Tallman “Believe In Love”

When the opportunity to work with Dawn Tallman on a project there was no question about whether to do it or not, just a question of when? Dawn came to Baltimore to write, record, and work with the team on the spot to come up with this catchy song that encompasses love, belief, and hope. Only Dawn can sing with conviction, delivery and write a song that anyone can sing along with. Released in two releases the song set the stage for an audience that loves bouncy rhythms, strong soulful songs, and inspiration driven performance. Recording with Quantize producer/engineer Greg Lewis, Dawn knocked the song out of the park with fire! Gary Hudgins’ heavy soulful keys with Dawn’s leads and Backgrounds make this song hard to deny. Not only did it do well, but it was followed by a Director’s Cut remix by none other than Frankie Knuckles. The Directors Cut (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper) mix only gave the song more life, more longevity and a new perspective that stood on its own. In a second life on the charts the Directors Cut Remix stood its ground for an unprecedented time. Needless to say, the releases had major support from the soulful house DJs such as Paul Trouble Anderson, Hippie Torrales, ATFC, and Louis Benedetti.

5. Typheni “Is It Love”

This release in December 2012 closed the year out with the debut of a new and exciting artist. Typheni has a strong and unique voice that hypnotizes the listener. The song was a song about the insecurities of love and the torn battle for it. The original composition was composed by noted songwriter/producer Neal Conway. He gave us the demo for it and we fell in love with it. We had just met Typheni and she needed material to write to. We knew that she was youthful and had a youthful flair to writing that we thought she could bring to the label. Typheni had already won the Apollo competition and many others and was looking to do other genres of music and came to the label ready to try dance music. She wrote “Is It Love” with Thommy and Spen in a session and we knew that it was a great song. Her voice is classically R&B and ad in the package interpretations and you got a great release. David Harness and Chris Lum mixes added to it with Neal’s Afro Latin Remixes make it a full release that got support from all over. We were amazed at the welcoming of Typheni to dance music as if they already knew her. The song had support from DJs like Hector Romero, N’Dinga Gaba, Robert Owens, Ultra Nate’ and Kevin Hedge. It’s just that kind of record where the DJ can hear the crowd singing along with it.

DJ Spen & Thommy Davis (founders of Quantize Recordings)

Quantize Recordings latest release. ‘Do It Good’ out now on Traxsource

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