This Week In Pictures

“Remembering a special Monday in Los Angeles..”
@Supernova (pictured above)

Traxsource News bring you this week’s pictorial round-up of what really goes on in the lives of some of our beloved producers, dj’s and labels whilst out on their travels…

DJ Mes

“Did someone say party???” @DJ Mes

Detroit Swindle

“Sahara style mothaf*ckas! 37C* out here! #tour2014 #perth #cottesloe #australia #detroitswindle” @Detroit Swindle

Daniel Steinberg

“A mix for the classic house lovers” @Daniel Steinberg

Ralf Gum

“#ralfgum rocking Magic Sessions 1 #Thysjoint let’s GOGO ;)” @Ralf Gum

Nacho Marco

“The new Roland machines just arrived, ready to test now !” @Nacho Marco

Sonny Fodera

“Chilling down in Byron Bay x” @Sonny Fodera

Black Coffee


Steve Bug

“once upon a time…” @Steve Bug

The Mekanism

“Great view !! Lima” @The Mekanism

Kenny Dope

“Maw Studios 90’s !!!” @Kenny Dope


“some Basslines are on the way” @Santé

Arsenio Fabay

“#kuyawow” @Arsenio Fabay