5 things you don't know about Monocles & Slezz

South African duo Monocles & Slezz joined forces as a DJ/Producing team in 2008. As DJs, both play at well known clubs in Welkom (South Africa) namely Afrovibe, De Zone & Village Palace and in the production field their projects have been featured respected labels such as House Afrika Records, Foliage Records, Melomania Records, Vialocal Recordings, Peng Africa Records, DNH Records, Nulu Music. The both of them give insight into things you may not know about them

The 5 things you don’t know.

  • 1) Monocles & Slezz are two different people and yet find a way to connect well; not only in music but in brotherhood too. A lot of people are amazed how the two really get together even though their personalities are so different. (Well, that means these guys really have the magic going on) Monocles, real name Tshidiso Moeng is a radio personality and works as a Presenter in a community radio station and has his own show on the weekends. While Slezz, real name Tebogo Leshotho is a PC, console game junkie and an IT student, currently studying towards a diploma in Information Technology, of which he’s also a casual worker during school holidays.
  • 2) Both of us do short prayers, especially the cross prayer (trinity prayer), believing or asking to have a successful session from the Lord in doing so. Also, before DJ’ing, if it happens you have a fight with someone before playing then we believe we’re not gonna enjoy ourselves because DJ’ing needs you to be happy, focused and stress-free. While DJ’ing Slezz likes singing the lyrics of the certain songs aloud as to involve or charm the audience to make them enjoy the set and they end up doing so at the end. (Trust me, it always works).
  • 3) Monocles is a “ladies” man, he likes making a lot of female friends, while Slezz is more interested in gadgets, social networking and outings with the gents or his lady.
  • 4) Apart from producing music, this duo likes to play Counter-Strike PC game, and watch cartoon/animated movies, they’re favourite is “Spongebob Squarepants, The Movie” and their alternative is “Flushed Away”, they believe in simplicity and kid humour as a stress reliever when they take their time off. Besides that, they usually like hanging out in great restaurants. Slezz likes listening to rock, pop and nu-jazz music on weekends, and guess what!! Monocles is a hip-hop lover, and sometimes plays it at gigs/events.
  • 5) Before starting a music career, Slezz used to work at retail shops as a promoter for certain “Men” products, also was a student co-ordinator and would visit schools to lure them into joining a college he was working for. While Monocles was making a great job in “dancing”, well, he was in a choreography group that was popular in the township and made lots of cash for winning competitions.

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