DJ Fudge In 5 Records

Originally from Paris but now Based in Hong Kong, Frenchman DJ Fudge is considered to be one of the most versatile and prolific house music artists of his generation. His first release dropped in 1994 and since then he’s worked under various aliases like Trouble Men & Afro Mento delivering well received house tracks supported by many top DJs around the world. You can find a plethora of his releases & remixes on respected labels like Soulfuric, Defected, Z Records, Peppermint Jam, Distant Music, 4th Floor.

“In my career I’ve released more than 200 tracks so far so it was difficult for me to choose only 5 records” DJ Fudge

My 5 definitive trax…

1. Trouble Men “Do It” Kif Records (1998)

During my carrier I’ve had several collaborations and different names such as Trouble Men
Savannah & Afromento but everything began in 1998 with my old time best friend and partner Bruno Banner when we released “Do It” on Kif Records. At this time I was still working as a fitness teacher and as soon as we released the EP, my life changed, we started touring all other the world, we sold more than 25,000 vinyl copies and the track was a huge success and quickly became a classic house anthem.

2. Dj Fudge “Nightglows” Tejal Records (2006)

This song means so much to me, I was coming back to Paris after a very long trip in Brazil, it was like going back to hell after living in paradise. I was depressed because i spent all my money there enjoying life and being disconnected from the reality. I was living in the salon of my brothers apartment sleeping on the sofa and I thought it was time to wake up and find my way back to inspiration and success, so I decided to launch my own label Tejal Records and Nightglows was the first release. I had this percussion beat recorded by myself in Brazil with some percussion that I bought there, I called my brother from another mother Mani Hoffman and we kicked off the song in 2 hours. This is one of my productions that I like the most, I never get tired to listen it.

3. Dj Fudge – Mechouga (2006)

Mechouga which means crazy in hebrew and was also included in Tejal 001, Brian Tappert from Soulfuric Records sent me an email at the time and he wanted the track to be licensed on his label. I was so happy firstly because i was proud to be on Soulfuric and secondly because i knew i was on the right way. From there Mechouga became a house classic, I mixed the song in Sam K’s studio in Paris on an SSL Mixer with just one kurzweil K2000 rack and that’s probably a part of the magic of the track. After this releases many labels approached me to sign and release my music, this also started a long period of remixes and playing again all other the world as i used to do it with trouble men.

4. DJ Fudge “Live & love” Suburban (2007)

Defected Records wanted me to do a EP for them. I had this guitar riff and vocal melody in my mind for many years and i was wondering when i could finally use it, so one day jamming in the studio with Alex Finkin, I asked him if he could play that guitar riff, he play it along with the verse and the bridge. I came back home and i started the production process, writing the bass line and programming the beats. I knew Mani Hoffmans voice would fit perfectly on this song and he rocked it! This EP wasn’t a huge success but it gave me the opportunity to work with a big label and start a collaboration with them which opened many doors and gave me more exposure.

5. Dj Fudge & Kiko Navarro “So Tight” Z Records (2013)

At this time i was living in Barcelona, Kiko called me because he was coming to play at a club there for one gig so it was an opportunity for us to work together on a new EP. We had different ideas, various samples and we started working in my studio. We knew quickly that we had a hit and the track reached the Top of the Traxsource Charts in 3 days and became the best Nu Disco track of 2013.

DJ Fudge latest release. ‘Pedogbepa’ out now on Traxsource

DJ Fudge