Alex Herrera - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

Alex Herrera is a Chicago born DJ/Producer raised both in his home town and in Los Angeles. Alex began DJing in 1994 while in high school, producing Hard House in 1998 under the name Alex Kidd. After a few years, he began to produce Disco House and then Electro, but took a break for a few years while working on his undergraduate work. While pursuing a graduate degree, Alex reconnected with his love for Disco House and picked right back up where he had left off. Below are a set of tracks that influenced and shaped his production style and love for House.

1) D.H.S. “The House of God” (1990)

This track was a staple in Los Angeles and was one of the first tracks that got me hooked on house music. This was the epitome of underground House in the early 1990s.

2) DJ Sneak “You Can’t Hide From Your Bud” (1997)

After listening to this track, I began collecting disco and funk records just to find samples similar to Teddy P’s classic song. This track was always found in my record bag.

3) Todd Terry “Jumpin” (1994)

Jumpin had a unique live element feel to it, using knobs to bring the string sample in & out. This track provided a platform for new styles of producing, where rules didn’t apply. I always carried two records of this track in my record bag when DJing and worked in turntable tricks, such as live looping and double ups learned from hip hop DJs.

4) Johnick “Play The World” (1995)

The drum loop coupled with a simple vocal sample of India, over a First Choice disco sample was absolutely addicting to listen to. This was, by far, one of Henry Street Music’s best tracks & was always a favorite to spin at an event.

5) Olav Basoski “Can’t Hold Me Back” (1999)

Although there were tracks that had sampled Disco before this, none were more definitive of the Filtered Disco House sound as Olav’s tracks. The two and four beat samples, cut and pasted in a new creative ways, brought a higher energy to House and were the foundation of several of my productions.

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Alex Herrera