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Blackwiz was first launched in 1993 which Sandy Rivera started in his hometown of New York and the very first release was the renowned record ‘Go Black Scatt’ by Kings of Tomorrow. His label has featured talent such Robert Owens, Haze, Timmy Vegas, Rae, C. Castel & Andy Daniell through its existence so far.

With the Blackwiz Records latest release ‘Natalia Safran – All I Feel Is You’ hitting Traxsource, Sandy Rivera goes into nostalgia mode and shares some gems that shaped the label.

1. Kings Of Tomorrow – Go Black Scatt (Original) Blackwiz (1994)

This was the first tune ever put out on Blackwiz Records. Sandy Rivera made this tune while he was in the South Bronx. He decided to record himself scatting, just cause he wanted to figure out if he could do it. The “Go Go Go” line actually has Big Pun in it, as they had a session that day, he just asked the group if they could do it and they did. :)

2. Kidz Of Tomorrow – The K.O.T. Theory Of Rhythmic Seduction – The Black Theory (1994)

When you’re young your and have your own label, music becomes a freedom of expression and with no A&R’s involved, it allows you to do whatever you want, when you want and allows you to explore any sound you wish. This was underground then. Nothing main stream about it even till this day.

3. Kings Of Tomorrow – Flutes 1995 – Blackwiz (1995)

At this point Sandy Rivera had started to buy more studio kit and had the TR909 and Juno 106. Once again, he just wanted to make something original with no samples. He always pushed for that. This one was made deep in Brooklyn.

4. Kings Of Tomorrow – Fade II Black (Original Mix) Yoshitoshi (1996)

Sandy had an idea to use the “Flutes” tune he did with a bigger beat and make a vocal out of it. Then came “Fade II Black”. People still think it was the vocal first. He loved working with Michele weeks, she was and still is an amazing singer.

5. Soul Vibrations – Rock Creek – Blackwiz (1997)

As much as Sandy Rivera wanted to make original music, you can’t mess around with a good loop if you think you can do something nice with it. It was all a great learning curve for us and still is.

Sandy Rivera (founder of Blackwiz Records)

Blackwiz Records latest release ‘Natalia Safran – All I Feel Is You’ out now on Traxsource

NOTE: All artist proceeds will go to Paul Walkers foundation

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