Sandy Rivera aka Kings Of Tomorrow In 5 records

New York born Sandy Rivera (aka Kings Of Tomorrow) has had a healthy career as a Producer/DJ with successful releases, remixes & albums on respected labels like Defected, Purple Music, Strictly Rhythm, Azuli Records, Distant Music and MN2S to names a few. He’s also had various compilations including Ministry Of Sound Sessions & Kings Of Tomorrow Defected ITH and a magnitude of production credits on tracks and mixes including Craig David, Moby, Fedde Le Grand and Everything But The Girl.

Sandy is also responsible for some of the scenes most timeless house anthems including
‘I Can’t Stop’, ‘Finally’, and ‘Changes’

Here is insight into some the tracks that shaped his career from the man him self.

My 5 definitive trax…

1. Voices (1997)

AAAAHHH Voices, my first ever remix. Sony or Island records set up a meeting with me, asked if I wanted to vibe on this. They thought it would be a great match. Being the first ever remix? I was nervous. Did that mix, sent it back and everyone was happy with it. Something happened with Sony and all that A&R stuff that can hold tunes back. The guy said, some one should just boot it and it got booted?

2. Kings Of Tomorrow & Soul Vision – The Path (Original Mix) (1997)

1997 was a heavy year for me. I was already a traveling DJ from 1996. I also wanted to sample a lot of classics and make them special if I could. When I started “The Path” with Jose Burgos, it felt good from the start. The hardest thing was breaking the groove and making it special, so I just thought to keep the original in the drop. Figured out the bars and made it all work.

3. Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Densaid – I’m So Grateful (Joey Negro Re-Edit RMX) (1995)

Back to 1995 and this was the first full vocal I did. Almost as usual, I already had the hook from my previous “I’m Grateful” tune: from 1993 and wanted to make a full vocal from that. Met Densaid from my Hip Hop sessions and decided they would be great for it and we did it. 1 mic in the middle of the room, 3 voices to an ADAT machine. I did’nt have to punch in that much. It was an easy session.

4. Sandy Rivera feat. Lt. Brown – Come Into My Room (1998)

Met L.T. Brown from a Sax player I used frequently. Got him on the original which I gave to Distant Records. I alway had a bad taste in my mouth about giving songs to people. So when I upgraded the mix I knew I was going to get this song back in my control and I did. Tried to give to a label for one dollar to see what they can do with it, it still got declined. Got a call from a Warner lawyer about EBTG and doing a bootleg of it. I just said, you got enough money to buy the song from me. So let split 50% each artist with an advance and boom, Ben Watt delivered a mash up and a half.

5. Don’t Stop – Deep Vision (1998)

I remember dropping this for the the first time in Paris and the place just went erupted. Not many records had tunes that had a big drop out to go into an acapella and blank silence at that time with a disco loop. I always said, I have learned from people before me and was lucky to be in business early enough to also be able to break new ground.

Sandy Rivera (founder of Blackwiz Records)

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