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Traxsource Top 100 Afro House Artists of 2016

We at Traxsource are very proud of our Afro House music section. In fact, we’re the only download website in the world that has this specific category for you to find all the latest Afro beats from around the globe in one easy place. 2016 has seen some truly amazing music come from the scene, so here is our guide to our Top Afro Artists of the year.

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Traxsource Top 100 Techno Artists of 2016

Techno, the unstoppable global-dominating genre, continues to rule dance floors around the world, with its incessant 4/4 pulse being the bedrock to countless unforgettable club nights. Whether austere and sophisticated, or face-meltingly banging, the music that began in Detroit 30 odd years ago is still at the forefront of musical progression and 2016 has seen some sublime developments in the genre.

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Traxsource Top 100 Jackin House Artists of 2016

From its roots in the Chicago house sound, Jackin has now spread worldwide, with new producers bringing in different elements and influences, mutating and progressing the sound. Always based on skippy, heavily swung beats and a huge helping of funk, the Jackin scene contains some of house music’s most consummate professionals, players who run labels, put on nights, and release the tunes that keep the scene alive.

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Traxsource Top 100 Nu Disco / Indie Dance Artists of 2016

We were absolutely inundated with delicious disco influenced delights in 2016, making it one of the strongest years on record for the genre. As nights like Glitterbox tore up Ibiza, opening the ears of many clubbers to the updated sounds derived from yesteryear, Nu Disco’s popularity reached stratospheric new heights this year.

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Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House Artists of 2016

2016 was a great year for the sweet, soulful side of the House music spectrum. With DJs and audiences across the globe looking for that little bit more from their favorite artists, the past 12 months has seen a slew of soulful releases that have not only shaken up the world’s dance floors, but even saw a Grammy nomination for one artist!

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Traxsource's Best Selling Tracks of 2016

Our Best Selling Tracks of 2016 are always particularly interesting as it’s an honest reflection of what working DJs are playing. It also showcases the breadth of talent currently working in dance music, and contains a healthy mix of established names and new faces. Ranging from the darkest, heads-down Tech House to the sexiest Disco, taking in the very best in Afro, Deep, Jackin, Soulful House and more, here are Traxsource’s Best Selling Tracks of 2016:

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Top 100 Techno Artists of 2015

As the number of dance music fans continues to grow all over the world, so does the number of people who are falling in love with one of the scene’s original sounds; Techno.

Even though it all started in Detroit, today’s sound is strongly connected to smokey and dark basement clubs...

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Top 100 Artists of 2015

What a fantastic year 2015 was for not just real house music, but the underground dance scene as a whole. The standard of musical production across all the genres was the best it’s been for many years, with some seriously old school sensibilities being seamlessly interwoven with the latest production...

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Top 100 Tech House Artists of 2015

2015 saw the continued rise of Tech House disciples in all four corners of the globe. With it’s bass heavy, hypnotic soundtrack, it’s easy to see why the sound puts a spell on so many followers year after year with it’s perfect blend of house music and techno; it’s the...

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Top 100 Deep House Artists of 2015

Put the words ‘deep’ and ‘house’ next to each other and suddenly the whole world starts to debate the very nuances of the genre. Everything had a ‘deep’ in front of it in 2015, but some artists really understand exactly what the term means.

Deep house is supposed to be about...

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Top 100 House Artists of 2015

2015 has seen some of the strongest house music releases in years. As more and more producers are getting to grips with their own style and sound, it’s a great time to not just be a DJ, but basically just a fan of good music.

With the competition to fill the...

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Afro House top 100 Traxsource

Top 100 Afro House Artists of 2015

The Afro House sound has always been deep within the very roots of dance music culture. More and more producers are experimenting with the sound, as the tribal rhythms and hypnotic hooks catch the ears of house music lovers across the globe.

With drum styles and rhythms that have crossed continents...

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Top 100 Jackin House Traxsource

Top 100 Jackin House Artists of 2015

Jack-Jack-Jack your body! With a thumping, driving sound all of it’s very own, the Jackin House groove has been synonomous with undergound dance culture since it’s very conception. From Chicago to Detroit via London and Paris, people have been jackin’ their bodies in unison across the planet in a celebration...

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Top 100 Nu Disco Artists of 2015

The popularity of the Nu Disco sound just continued to grow throughout 2015, with a whole host of familar names, plus a few newcomers, really making their mark with some superb music this year.

With a sound that crosses over not just old school disco, but also elements of modern house,...

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best of 2015 traxsource

Top 100 Soulful House Artists of 2015

2015 saw a real resurgance in the popularity of soulful house which can only be seen as positive news for the future of dance music in general. The very roots of the scene were built around powerful lyrics and song structure, so to see more and more producers go ‘back...

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