Karizma / Kaytronic

News.Traxsource caught up with Karizma buzzing about ADE 2012

“I had a ball playing with my friends”

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NiCe7 / Noir / Defected

NiCe7 are in the house as they chat about ADE 2012 & their productive trip.

“It was super!..”

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MANIK / Ovum / Culprit

MANIK give us his post ADE 2012 thoughts

“Got to hang a bit with Josh Wink and the Ovum Recordings guys..”

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Kruse & Nuernberg / Loco Records

Kruse & Nuernberg give us the 411 on ADE 2012

“Rejected ADE special at Studio 80. The club was full all night long, the vibe very positive and the line up amazing..”

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Joyce Muniz

News.Traxsource chat with Joyce Muniz about her enjoyable time at ADE 2012

“5 hours b2b set with DJ Shir Khan at the afterhour at Ludwig! It was a blast, I am ready for the next one”

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DJ Meme / Def Mix

News.Traxsource hunt down Brazilian brother, ‘00’ DJ Meme on his ADE 2012 mission!

“The crowd went wild!!”

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Hector Romero / Def Mix

Def Mix’s Hector Romero spills the beans on his ADE 2012 shenanigans

“It was actually like an old school WMC party with the who’s who of the industry in attendance…”

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News.Traxsource talks to the Kyodai boys about their rocking ADE 2012

“It was great to see the reactions of the dancers to the new tracks”

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News.Traxsource talks with Flashmob about ADE 2012 and their performance at the Defected event at Air.

*to headline Air with all those really good names was amazing…”

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Supernova / Lapsus Music

News.Traxsource chat with Supernova about their productive ADE 2012 trip

“Defected in The House party at Air in the main room that was amazing”

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Stacey Pullen / Blackflag Recordings

News.Traxsource discusses the ADE experience with Blackflag Recordings head honcho Stacey Pullen.

“experienced a Drum-code party for the first time”

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Atjazz / Atjazz Recording Company

News.Traxsource chat with Atjazz about the huge success of Atjazz & Friends at ADE 2012

“Lets just say we didn’t have enough room for everyone and I think we’ll need a bigger venue next year! We loved every minute”

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Noir / Noir Music

News.Traxsource catch up with Noir on the success of ADE 2012

“Everybody was very positive and looking to a bright future for our passion……. The Music.”

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DJ Spen / Quantize Recordings Inc.

News.Traxsource caught up with DJ Spen going all out networking at ADE 2012

“Full of surprises this year”

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Terry Hunter / T's Box Recs

News.Traxsource caught up with Chicago House Legend, Terry Hunter, out and about at ADE 2012

“we had to walk all over the place, whew! I’ve never walked so much in my life, but I love Amsterdam, so well worth it.”

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Our good friend ATFC tells us what made his ADE 2012 tick…

“I like Amsterdam – it always feels Christmassy” (hmm, is that all the GREEN and RED?)

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