Traxsource LIVE! #70 with Art Of Tones

Firing French DJ and producer Art Of Tones brings the funk-fuelled flavors to Traxsource LIVE! this week, with a hedonistic blend of beats from Moodymann, Session Victim, Jkriv and Turbojazz, plus his latest cut ‘I Just Can’t’ on Local Talk, available now exclusively from Traxsource.

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Art Of Tones - Inside The Track 'Elephants'

With his recent release ‘Elephants’ via Lazy Days currently #3 on Deep House Top 10 and also riding high via the Overall Traxsource Top 100 downloads chart. We sat down with ludovic aka Art Of Tones them to get an indepth look ‘Inside The Track’ and more with this Exclusive interview.

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