Amtrac launches new label: OPENERS

Caleb Cornett a.k.a Amtrac has been pushing his creative limits as a producer, DJ, musician and sometimes-vocalist since 2008. The multi-talented artist can electrify an audience, be it with a moving live music performance or by working dancefloors up to a sweat with his driving yet funk-filled DJ sets – it’s his mantra to be as diverse a DJ as possible, to connect with the crowd and to keep them moving at all costs. Amtrac launched a brand new venture “OPENERS”. The mission statement of the new venture is a simple one, “Music your parents can listen to, as well as your common electronic music fan. Just trying to release records that stand the test of time”. With the first releases coming from Amtrac himself, it promises exciting things! We chatted with Caleb to find out more…

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