Traxsource LIVE! #120 with Loz Goddard

Manchester’s Loz Goddard joins the Traxsource LIVE show this week to flex his funk muscles in celebration of his Drunken Monk EP, landing on the mighty Razor-N-Tape. He’ll be taking us through an hour of Disco stompers from the likes of Duke Hugh, Al Kent, Philou Louzolo and several of his own personal productions. His new EP is available now Exclusively at Traxsource!

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Loz Goddard In 5 Records

Loz remixed Savoir Faire Musique latest release Datakesta, Masahiro Suzuki ‘The Last Dance’ which is out now on Traxsource. He took some time for us here to share 5 definitive tracks that have (so far) helped shape his career.

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