Traxsource LIVE! #101 with Pete Herbert

Ibiza Sonica stalwart Pete Herbert gets in the mix for us this week on Traxsource LIVE to celebrate his new release on ISM Recordings. Expect his usual foray into the world of electronic music, spanning everything from Balearic, left field, disco, house and italo, featuring cuts from Casual Connection, Rayko, Soulwax, Talking Heads, and many more!

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Pete Herbert in 3-2-1

London Town’s Pete Herbert has been at the forefront of the UK dance scene since his time as co-proprietor of the Atlas Records shop in Soho over a decade ago. His latest re-rub of Nathan Jassi’s ‘Secret Lover’ has all the tell tale signs of another dancefloor destroyer, so we sat down with Pete to get to know him in 3-2-1; 3 questions, 2 hot tracks and 1 new release!

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