Richard Earnshaw Explains Why You're Missing Out Without Lossless Audio (AIFF)

Richard Earnshaw chimes in the lossless vs lossy (AIFF vs MP3) debate & why AIFF is advantageous.

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This Week In Pictures

“Chillin’ Backstage with the #usedabusedofc Gang”
@locodiceofc (pictured above)

Traxsource News bring you this week’s pictorial round-up of what really goes on in the lives of some of our beloved producers, dj’s and labels whilst out on their travels…

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Earnshaw opens up Duffnote Towers

Traxsource News caught up with Richard Earnshaw to talk about his production equipment & work process in the next instalment of ‘In The Studio’

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Richard Earnshaw / Spiritchaser (Duffnote, One51, Guess)

News.Traxsource catches up with Richard Earnshaw burning his ADE candle at both ends.. as usual!

“events like this really do make a difference in showing the way to an optimistic future for music.”

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