Traxsource LIVE! #110 with Robosonic

Robosonic are in the house today! Massively influenced by Hip Hop & Soul, the duo have always been a refreshing sound on the circuit, having stormed the charts with releases including ‘The Edge’ and their collaborations with the likes of Adana Twins and Purple Disco Machine. They’re throwing down their usual flavour for us today, spinning a blend of vibes from Justin Martin, Emanuel Satie, Oxia, YokoO & Retza and their latest Exclusive remix of ‘Higher’ from Milk & Sugar Recordings, out now at Traxsource.

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Robosonic's 5 Favorite Hip Hop Tracks

It’s not often you secure a living legend on your track, but Robosonic managed to pull off a masterstroke by featuring KRS-ONE on their latest release ‘Free Flow’ on Simma Black. We sat down with the Berlin boys to discuss their 5 favorite hip hop joints of all time. Word up!

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Traxsource LIVE! #18 with Robosonic

This week we are excited to welcome the super hot Berlin duo Robosonic as our very special guests recorded LIVE @ Nordstern, Basel Switzerland.

Resident Brian Tappert heats things up in the first hour with all New & Exclusive material. Including Brame & Hamo, Oliver Dollar, Giom, The Shapeshifters, and Tommy Bones to name a few.

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Robosonic In 5 Records

With Robosonic’s hot new RPMD EP just landing exclusively on Traxsource via Nurvous Records, we caught up with Cord & Sacha for some insight into 5 trax that helped build and shape their careers, thus far.

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Robosonic - Inside The Track 'La Fique'

With their recent release ‘La Fique Ep’ via 2DIY4 currently #1 on both the Traxsource Top 100 downloads chart & Nu Disco / Indie Dance Top 10 downloads chart. We sat down with them to get an indepth look ‘Inside The Track’ and more with this Exclusive interview.

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